Hexed: The Sisters of Witchdown and millions of other books are available for . “Michael Alan Nelson hasn't just written a YA novel for the ages, he's written. THE FIRST NOVEL BASED ON THE HEXED COMIC! Luci Jenifer Inacio das Neves, Lucifer for short, isn't your typical teenaged girl. She's a thief who. The latest Tweets from Michael Alan Nelson (@roquesdoodle). Writer of the YA novel Hexed: the Sisters of Witchdown, the Glyph Award winning 28 Days Later.


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What should have been a harmless prank ends up getting a high school girl snatched away by monstrous haggish creature.

Her father, a police officer, goes to Lucifer for help after hearing that the young thief possesses hexed michael alan nelson talents that would help him get his daughter Gina back.

Michael Alan Nelson

A great mix of action and humor with just a dash of horror, Hexed is hexed michael alan nelson entertaining paranormal YA novel featuring a story that feels new and fresh. I took to our kickass protagonist right away, charmed by her resourcefulness and laugh-out-loud wit.

Lucifer is simply hilarious! I like Lucifer too because she manages to pull off that take-no-crap attitude without coming off as a belligerent little brat.

She may have a strong personality, but her kind heart and good intentions come through on every page.

I also love the secret mystical underworld of Hexed. As Lucifer is so fond of reminding us, she possesses no inherent magical power, but the tools she uses often hexed michael alan nelson.

She carries around a trick bag full of magical — and sometimes dangerous — gadgets and thingamabobs which she whips out whenever she needs a problem solved, and finding out what each object does is half the fun.


There are hexed michael alan nelson a couple of issues I have to bring up; one is minor, while the other can be a deal breaker depending on your personal preferences. Every few chapters is another wistful hexed michael alan nelson from her regarding high school life in general, how all that is out of reach for her but she still wants it badly.

The other issue is the romance, and not just any romance.

Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson

As Hexed michael alan nelson and David work closely together to get Gina back, feelings start to develop between them, despite David already being unmistakably, indisputably, irrefutably hexed michael alan nelson for.

This particular story arc did make for a pretty startling twist at the end, but just a heads up if you find the idea of dallying with a taken guy unappealing. Lucifer is not your typical teenage girl, nor is Hexed your typical YA.

It was a very enjoyable, quick and fun read, and best of all it is not necessary to have read the graphic novel before diving in this one.

The item in question? Not only did Lucifer get the wings hexed michael alan nelson employer wanted for her client she also made off with a new toy—a witch hound monstrous demonic things that she keeps trapped inside of cutesy stuffed animals that she collects. He gives her 24 hours to retrieve another magical item for him with hexed michael alan nelson added stipulation that she has to introduce him to the woman who hexed her, a woman simply called The Harlot.

Hexed was a glorious treat. Once I was able to sit down with it, I was fully engrossed in this story.

Hexed by Michael Alan Nelson |

This book also showed that it intends to hexed michael alan nelson around with theology in interesting ways as it continues, and as someone who loves when theological ideas are used in new ways in stories such as these, I look forward to it.

While showing no real magical abilities herself, Lucifer is armed with magical tools and knows just about everything about getting information and material she needs hexed michael alan nelson this strange magical world beneath the mundane world.

Her name belies her attitude, which shows her to be a brave, caring, resourceful, and a darkly funny person. We learn the much of the extent of her connection to The Harlot, whose name is very fitting once you meet the character and not for sexual reasons and learn what her role is in the supernatural world, but the book still gives plenty of wiggle room even in that story to explore more of the relationship between Lucifer and The Harlot.