1 July Health and Safety in Employment Act 18A. Duties of persons selling or supplying plant for use in place of work. The Health and Safety at Work Act has replaced the Health and Safety in Employment Act The new law is supported by a new set of. Level 4 Credits 5. Name . Trainee Assessment. Explain the requirements of the Health and Safety in. Employment (HSE) Act


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It allocates responsibilities for safety and health in the workplace and in health and safety act 1992 so affects most people.

Employers, the self-employed, employees, contractors, principals or people in control of buildings, equipment or materials, are all governed by the Act.

The Act prescribes obligations upon employers and employees to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. We all need to be conscious of our obligations under the Act and to ensure that our workplaces are safe.

Health & Safety in Employment Act – Duties of Employers - WRMK Lawyers

It is no longer ok to think that health and safety is a matter for the individual. The buck stops with the employer.

An employer is defined in the Act as any person, including companies, who employs any other person to do any work for hire or reward. This includes engaging workers under an Employment Agreement, apprenticeship or other training agreement. If you health and safety act 1992 someone to work on or in your own home, you are not an employer in terms of the Act.

You are not an employer in relation to voluntary workers you may responsible for supervising. Examples of an employer: Jenny grows peaches and apricots on her orchard.

Health and Safety in Employment Act - Consumer NZ

Throughout the year she employs Geoff on wages as a general hand. At the height of the season, Jenny employs health and safety act 1992 or four local people to help pick, pack and dispatch the fruit. They are employed on a casual basis and under the law, Jenny is their employer.

Section 6 of the Act sets out this important requirement and further expands the obligation to include: Provide and maintain a safe work environment; Provide and maintain facilities for the safety and health health and safety act 1992 employees at work; Ensure that plant, machinery and equipment in the place of work is safe for employees; Ensure that systems of work do not lead to employees being exposed to hazards in their place of work; and Develop procedures for dealing with emergencies that may arise while employees are at work.

It is important to remember that the standard of care that is required of all employees is that they take all practicable steps.

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations - Wikipedia

This is health and safety act 1992 important concept and means doing what is reasonably able to be done in the circumstances, taking into account: The severity of any injury or harm to health that may occur; The degree of risk or probability of that health and safety act 1992 or harm occurring; How much is known about the hazard and the ways of eliminating, reducing or controlling it; and The availability, effectiveness and cost of possible safeguards.

By way of example a minor tripping hazard, or a sharp corner that juts into a walkway that presents a foreseeable likelihood of harm and is easily made safe, should be remedied under the duties of Section 6.

Do I, as an employer, need to prepare a health and safety policy?

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  • Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
  • Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

The Act does not require an employer to prepare a formal written statement of safety and health health and safety act 1992. However, in some work places, it may be good practice to obtain written confirmation of agreed safety and health policies and the way they are to be implemented, as a basis on which to proceed.

Usually the larger the enterprise and number of people involved, the more useful it will be to prepare a formal statement of health and safety policies and procedures.


By way of example: On one occasion, he arrived without adequately warm socks and clothing to wear under the company supplied gumboots and overalls. He spent the shift in the frozen hold despite his discomfort, and by the end of it, had frostbite in his toes. He subsequently needed hospital treatment.