Our analysis of 27 reviews for 1 product from Dr. Harlan Kilstein. The results are: PASS=0%, WARN=0%, FAIL=%. Harlan Kilstein was in education and switched to entrepreneurship with a hypnosis clinic. Which is where he first saw direct-response in action. He ran the ads. View Harlan Kilstein's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Harlan Kilstein discover.


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He looked at me and went just do it. So I did it. He had a coaching program and it was email coaching and you could get as much coding coaching as you want as long harlan kilstein you did the work. And he would give me more critiques and whatever and he was trying to get rid of me so he later said that he was actually trying to make harlan kilstein cry.

And I just kept coming back for more.

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And finally he shut harlan kilstein the coaching program because there was this idea of using it that was clever. But we became really friendly. And as I went along the way I would send him stuff and he would go oh man if I keep coaching you harlan kilstein the golf market my clients are going to get pissed at me.

You know we became friends and became part of his inner circle. I took some of the lessons that I was getting from Kennedy and Kalter and others a long way and I started writing my own rants and the phone rang off the hook.

These ads would be successful and they were the phone would be ringing in harlan kilstein middle of the night.

Harlan Kilstein | Yeshiva University -

Harlan kilstein a word often for people to go like they had to call. And we I learned to put codes in my head so you can track which. And then people would call like five years after the office closing opening the carry around harlan kilstein ads calling in and saying hey uncle for department whatever.


And I got a reputation and people harlan kilstein to hire me. Jay Abraham hired me. I started getting the reputation of the guy who got results. That was like the largest women are harlan kilstein history at the time.

Then I did a harlan kilstein letter for them and they were making millions off that I did a sales that are harlan kilstein rich Shafran for his Harlan kilstein Marketing manifesto basically wrote the manifesto.

And he sold it out in just a few hours and then sold out like a program with it or coaching in a few more hours. It was just insane. And I went on to write for people like Harvey Pekar and put his book Secrets of Millionaire Mind on the bestseller list.

Along the way I started turning things into my own products making bundles and bundles money and taking all of the techniques that I learned and hypnosis and started applying them to copy his work.

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You do seem to have a something harlan kilstein I quite enjoy I think is does you have a degree of infamy. So I respond to the controlling and so forth.

: Dr. Harlan Kilstein - Analysis of 27 Reviews

You know who I am and my notoriety has harlan kilstein brought up although calmed down in middle age. Harlan kilstein you also wrote the letter you were involved in the writing of a letter for the Neil Strauss product as well right.

I read that letter that you wrote for the blog thing goes me and that was really good. So would you harlan kilstein for me.

Dr. Harlan Kilstein

So he hired me to write his Serializer letter that was around harlan kilstein time that John Reese had done his million dollar day. And so Frank wanted to beat George but he decided that he was going to do it in two sessions so he had 60 people at the first one and 40 at the second one just to get a million dollars.

And I wrote the sales letter and the lead was so good that people prank calls me up the night before his friend and somebody broke into my site found the sales letter and bought it and get what should I harlan kilstein.