When LTE system was developed one of the big technical feature from UMTS Soft/Softer handover was missing from the architecture. There are. What happens when a new network runs into its predecessor? With 4G, this can mean LTE handover. Luckily, there are ways to battle the. Hi Friends aaj is Video se Hum Jaanenge ki Kitne types of Handover LTE technology mein hote hai.


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Reconfigure physical layer Access the target cell via RACH following a contention-free procedure if a dedicated RACH preamble was indicated in handover in lte mobilityControlInfo, or following a contention-based procedure if no dedicated preamble was indicated Layer 2 reconfiguration Security key update: UE derives target eNB specific keys and configures the handover in lte security algorithms to be used in the target cell.

So, after checking many neighbor cells, it usually accesses the one with the greatest received signal strength unless no access is allowed due to access restriction or congestion control.

The UE keeps track of the received signal strength of both its serving and neighbor cells. Then when one of the events specified occurs, it reports the received signal strength to the handover in lte through a Measurement Report message.

The eNB, upon receipt of the message, decides whether to initiate a handover or not by reviewing the reported strength information and the overload status of the neighbor cells.

Yes there is no soft handover and hard handover in eNodeB. But still network takes the final decision based on radio resource available in target cell.

In LTE network a hybrid approach is handover in lte.

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Basically the UE request the HO based on the relevant triggers setup in the UE, the network based on policy etc issues the relevant relocation preparation and once done request the UE to perform the HO to the new cell. For example a voice call before handover should be maintained after handover as well.

Normally there are handover in lte type of handover approach available in mobile networks.