Where , PM. we've very happy with the Hafler P on our NS's. kmshroom. , PM. thanx Rail. Hey All, Up on the docket is a workhorse of a power amp, the Hafler Transnova P -- perfect for many studio monitoring, touring sound, and. Used HAFLER P Music Go Round Monroeville, PA.


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Hafler P1500 manual

An even smaller tweak of the True Blue, and a much tighter low end was achieved. Hafler p1500 made no other adjustments to the mids, or even the highs, as Hafler p1500 felt necessary on the Hafler.

The Bryston was the clear winner to my ear.

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As I said, the difference was very apparent, and I thought, pronounced. The hafler p1500 night of the same gig, the Bryston proved its superiority.

Used Hafler P Power amplifiers for Sale |

I also did not find any electrical noise as I did with the Hafler. Now maybe there was electrical noise on the line one night, and not the next, there is no way for me to be sure. I was unable to set either amp much above half gain. They were both very loud for the venue at that setting.

Although the Bryston was the clear winner to my ear, I hafler p1500 put the Hafler back in the hafler p1500.


I think the differences between the two are easily heard, but I doubt hafler p1500 most audience members will notice the differences I did. A new LED display lets you keep track of each channel's status.

The P is also covered by Halfer's five hafler p1500 warranty- if you need it. The JBL series was created to provide maximum stereo imaging.

Hafler P1500 Trans Nova Power Amplifier Transnova P 1500

The pure titanium dome tweeter and cone transducer hafler p1500 aligned to deliver both high and low frequency information to the listening position at the same instant.

Note that audio cables and any other accessories are NOT included. Hafler p1500 exactly as pictured. Audio cables and any other accessories Manufacturer: If you are purchasing this item for a specific part or parts.

Please let us know. We can pack only the part s Hafler p1500 piece s you want, send a revised invoice to properly reflect the change in weight, and properly recycle the rest!


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