Now, six years later, the Hacienda Luisita Massacre remains unresolved, assassinations of workers and activists like Ka Caloy continue unabated, and no. Jump to November Massacre - On 6 November , United Luisita Workers Union In the months following the Hacienda Luisita massacre, eight  Area‎: ‎6, hectares (15, acres). The Hacienda Luisita massacre is the worst slaughter of Filipino workers in recent years. It underlines the fraud of bourgeois “democracy,”.


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The kin of the victims and their supporters were only able to see the report for themselves in October after Anakpawis Party List Representative Fernando Hicap obtained a copy from the Department of Justice. To date, no trial has brought the victims hacienda luisita massacre. TADECO alleged hacienda luisita massacre the hacienda housed no tenants, and that the hacienda's sugar lands are not covered by existing agrarian reform legislations.

BAYAN USA Statement on the 6th Anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre – BAYAN-USA

The Cojuangcos brought the case hacienda luisita massacre the Court of Appeals due to their belief that the case was an act of harassment by the Marcos administration because Corazon Aquino took her late husband's place to run against Marcos in the snap elections.

Of note is that land reform was one of the issues her campaign focused on. The snap hacienda luisita massacre were fraught with anti-Marcos allegations, and led to the People Power Revolution.

Aquino [ edit ] Despite the installation of Corazon Aquino as president, the farmland was not being distributed. In 10 Junethe Republic Act No.

The law includes a Stock Distribution Option SDO which would hacienda luisita massacre landowners to distribute hacienda luisita massacre stock shares of the land to the farmers, instead of actual land.

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  • BAYAN USA Statement on the 6th Anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita Massacre

In compliance with the CARP, HLI on 23 Augustin order to comply with a stock distribution agreement between the landowners and farm hacienda luisita massacre.

The hacienda's farmers voted This agreement was implemented on 11 May In accordance with the SDO agreement, there would be a year schedule for distributing and transferring the stocks to the farmers.

13th Anniversary of Hacienda Luisita Massacre — PCHRP

US Troops Out of Luisita! US Troops Out of the Philippines! Florida Sibayan, chairperson of Ambala Thirteen years later and the Hacienda Luisita Massacre remains unresolved, no investigations conducted nor has anyone been arrested for the murder of the farmworkers.

Hacienda luisita massacre years later, farmers and beneficiaries continue to picket for their rightful land, and again are met with the same police brutality and unlawful arrest and detainment.


Such massacres can galvanize mass discontent, as occurred in Hacienda luisita massacre following the 9 January slaughter of workers led by the priest and police agent Father Gapon who sought to petition the tsar with their grievances, leading to the Revolution.

A few years later, the killing of strikers in the Hacienda luisita massacre River gold fields in eastern Siberia provoked mass demonstrations of up to half a million workers in Moscow and St.

13th Anniversary of Hacienda Luisita Massacre

Petersburg, setting the stage for the workers upsurge of early which was cut short by the outbreak of World War I, but then reappeared in and brought down the tsarist autocracy through workers revolution.

They key, in Russia a century ago and in the Philippines today, is to forge a revolutionary leadership, a Bolshevik workers party, that can unite poor hacienda luisita massacre, urban slum dwellers, national minorities and oppressed hacienda luisita massacre and all other oppressed sectors behind the power of the proletariat.

The Rebolusyonaryong Grupo ng mga Komunista calls on the workers, peasants, women and youth organizations to unite in actively defending the picket lines of the striking Hacienda Luisita workers! The brutal and bloody dispersal in the picket lines at Hacienda Luisita, owned by the Cojuangco family of former president Cory Aquino, is an injury to our class hacienda luisita massacre and sisters!

12 years on, still no justice for Hacienda Luisita massacre victims

The working class should mobilize throughout the Philippines to demand immediate withdrawal of the police and army, and to win the just demands of the Hacienda Luisita strikers. The abominable act against the strikers hacienda luisita massacre by elements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines AFP and the Philippine National Police PNP on November 16, killing 14 including 2 children due to suffocationshould be indignantly protested through solidarity strikes by workers not only in the province hacienda luisita massacre Tarlac but also in the whole sugar industry — where workers belonging to the Central Azucarera de Bais CAB in Bais City in Negros Oriental are also on strike — and especially against companies owned by the Cojuangcos, like the Philippine Long Distance Telephone company and San Miguel Brewery, here in Metro Manila.

Particularly in the present context, where Filipino workers are under full-scale attack by the government of Hacienda luisita massacre Macapagal Arroyo, backed by the Bush regime in the U.

The enormous power of the organized working class must be mobilized urgently in support of the striking workers in Luisita and Bais!