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Also make sure your fingers are over the edge of the surface so that your palm is planted firmly. Your knees should form a degree angle gym workout pdf file your thighs should be parallel to the floor.

Be sure to keep your shoulders back and down.

Full Body Workout At Home Without Equipment (Download PDF)

To prevent injury, make sure your back leg is bent directly underneath your body and your front leg is bent at 90 degrees at the knee and hip.

How To Do Tuck Jumps 1 With your arms gym workout pdf file extended straight above you, stand with your feet together.


Your arms should cover your ears. The more advanced you get, the slower the progression will be.

Beginner Workout Routine - Weight Training For Beginners

Take advantage of it while you can. To ensure the fastest and most consistent rate of progression, the weight you start off using for each exercise needs to be a bit lighter than you are truly capable of lifting.

When looking at this beginner workout routine, the thing you need to remember is that the goal of a beginner is NOT to try to blast every muscle with all kinds of exercises gym workout pdf file do various advanced things with a bunch of isolation movements and a high amount of volume and other things a beginner has no business doing.

Like I was saying before, the primary goal of a beginner besides learning perfect form on all of their exercises is to take advantage of a borderline super power that all beginners have for a short gym workout pdf file of time that allows them to progress and improve FASTER at all things weight training related gym workout pdf file any intermediate or advanced trainee ever could.

That typically means higher frequency, lower volume, small and basic exercise selection, nothing fancy. Hey, what a coincidence… this sample beginner program fits that description perfectly. And any other intelligently designed beginner program will too.

Free Fitness Books & eBooks - Download PDF, ePub, Kindle

So please, beginners, I beg of you. If you want the best results possible, do it exactly as is and focus on perfect form and consistent progression. Download this entire program — all 3 versions of it — as a pretty PDF file that you can view on your computer, phone or tablet whenever you want.

Download For Free Gym workout pdf file Workouts: Version 2 The sample weight training program laid out above is gym workout pdf file pretty damn perfect beginner workout routine. But, you see, I know that no matter how many times I explain that this routine is totally ideal for beginners as is, many people are just going to ignore me and add more to it as they please.

8+ Exercise Chart Templates

Well, if you are one of these people shame on you, silly beginner! Workout A 3 sets of reps. Bench Press 3 sets of reps. Rows 3 sets of reps.


Triceps Press Downs 1 set of reps. Calf Raises sets of reps.

Workout B 3 sets of reps. Biceps Curls 1 set of reps.

Exercise Chart - 7+ Free PDF Documents Download | Free & Premium Templates

Abs sets of reps. For abs, do 1 or 2 sets of whatever ab exercise you want.


So, the program is still ideal for beginners, AND you got some extra stuff added to it. Are you happy now?