Core Aligned Reading Comprehension Worksheets For Fifth Graders Our top reading level. This is the highest level our site writes for. We chose content driven. Free fifth grade, printable reading comprehension passages and questions for use in school or at home. Filter by grade Reading Set: 5 Passages. Add to My. This is the Practice Reading Section. Directions: It should take about 30–45 minutes to read the passages in this t all started at the beginning of fifth grade.


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Everyone's ID code starts with the numbers and adds your class student number is the student ID code for student 1 in our class. Fill in the bubbles under each of the numbers in your ID code.

5th Grade Comprehension Worksheets & Free Printables |

For example, record the answer for Day 1, Question 1 on 11 on the answer sheet, Day 1, Question 2 on 12 etc. The answer for Day 2, Question 1 should be filled in on 21 etc. Follow the same grade 5 reading passages for each day. Leave these numbers blank.

They lived in small huts with no windows.

The walls were made of poles covered with dried mud, and the roof was made of grass or leaves. Most Maya lived a simple life close to nature.


Measuring time was important to the Maya, so they developed a system for measuring it accurately. Farmers needed to know when to plant and harvest their crops.


Mayan priests made a system to keep track of time. They wrote numbers as dots A dot was one and a bar was five. The Mayan priests studied the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets. They made a calendar from what they learned.

The year was divided into 18 months of 20 days each with five days left grade 5 reading passages.

Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets & Printables

The Mayan calendar was far more accurate than the European calendars of the time. Around the yearthe Grade 5 reading passages left their villages and beautiful cities, never to return. No one knows why this happened.

They may have died from an infectious disease.

Fifth Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets

They may have left because the soil could no longer grow crops. Archaeologists are still trying to find the lost secrets of the Maya.

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They are still one of our greatest mysteries. The questions in this section are based on the story or article in your practice Reading Section above. You may go back to the Reading Section to help you answer the questions.

Now answer Numbers 1 through 8. Based on the end of the story, what do you think Carmen will do grade 5 reading passages She will keep her glasses in her pocket where no one can see them.

IRCMS - Fifth Grade Reading Passages

She will wear her glasses all the time. She will wear her glasses only when she is with her family. What are some of the things that Carmen had to do in the beginning of the story in order to try to see better? Use examples from the story grade 5 reading passages support your answer.

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