A lecturer at the Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences, University for Development Studies (UDS), Dr. Osman Tahidu Damba. Vibrant, youthful, and growing, both Ghana and Kenya are rapidly becoming larger markets for international student recruitment. Here's what. Ghana continues to be touted as one of the world's leading emerging economies, with a population hovering at around 24 million. Now Ghana has re-emerged as the beacon of Africa's democracy and stability, and is a leader of the pack among African frontier markets.


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Ghana named among five emerging markets for 2014

But the potential is there for further growth, driven in part by large youth populations, rising incomes, and by a demand for higher education that cannot be fully met at home. GDP growth in Ghana, per capita values as well as year-over-year growth compared to regional averages, World Bank An analysis from Brookings provides an important counterpoint to this growth story: This, however, does not involve total tariff free access.

Ghana and Kenya are in the process of negotiating a bilateral agreement that can enable the two nations to cooperate in key economic areas such as trade, energy and mineral exploitation as ghana as an emerging market as in agriculture and livestock ghana as an emerging market.

The pact also has components on cooperation in education, health, tourism and culture; science and technology; security and military; as well as foreign affairs, legal and judicial matters.

Ghana's cedi at record lows on emerging markets pressure | Reuters

This will set the foundation for plans to foster stronger trade relations among African Union members as a whole. South Africa is one of Ghana's largest export markets in Africa.

Ghana as an emerging market and South Africa are in the process of negotiating a bilateral agreement that can enable the two nations to cooperate ghana as an emerging market key economic areas.

Given the likelihood of Ghanaians to want the option of emigrating, it is possible that the threat of US travel restrictions and the complications that may be caused by Brexit in the UK will see Canada improve its share of the market there in the future, too.

This means investing in student recruitment in either of these nations could be a fruitful option for Canadian schools.

The Emerging Markets of Africa

This blog posted by City College in Toronto specifically targets Ghanaian students, and highlights the advantages of studying in the city. This kind of content demonstrates that schools in Canada are beginning to recognize the potential of Ghana as an international student market.


The survey also ghana as an emerging market that Australia and Germany were popular among prospective students at this level in both Kenya and Ghana. Two of the most exciting countries are Kenya and Ghana, located in Ghana as an emerging market and West Africa, respectively.

While neither are currently particularly large markets for international study, both boast growing economies, young populations, and increasing demand for quality education. Exploring these two similar yet different international student recruitment landscapes could prove highly beneficial for schools looking to establish a presence in countries with high growth potential.


A recent report from the International Monetary Fund is even more optimistic, forecasting growth of up to 8. Despite these efforts, however, Ghana still faces problems. Research has shown that less than 10 percent of new graduates find a job in their first year after finishing their studies Ghana News Agencywhile the Brookings Institute has calculated that the unemployment rate is actually higher among the more educated Aryeetey and Baah-Boateng While there are opportunities in the burgeoning manufacturing and ghana as an emerging market sectors for qualified graduates, the Ghanaian educational system continues to produce more humanities graduates than there are jobs available.

As a result, increasing numbers of Ghanaian students are seeking education abroad, often with a view to eventual emigration, ghana as an emerging market more than 12, students traveling every year to further their studies UNESCO Institute of Statistics a. This perfect storm of youth, innovation, connectivity, and economic strength should point to an extremely bright future for the country.


A recent poll interviewed more than 75 highly qualified native Africans educated at top American universities who are anxious to build their careers on the back of Africa's emerging capital markets. That would have been unthinkable only a decade ago.

Ghana: Market Profile

This educated elite projects a very different image to the world than Ghana as an emerging market Idi Amin did in the s — with his collection of Roll Royce cars — one for each day of the year. The China Internet Network Information Centre disclosed in June this year that m citizens accessed the net via the use of smartphones or other wireless devices.

But perhaps the most revealing aspect of their web use is the enormous popularity of social media platforms.