Eurasianism, the theory that Russia was neither Europe nor Asia but a world unto itself, Eurasia, runs through much, if not all, of George. : A History of Russia: New, Revised Edition : George Vernadsky: Books. A History of Russia has 41 ratings and 5 reviews. Terry said: This is the best one volume history of Russia I ever read, even though it is a little dated.


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They assumed that the characteristics of a land defined the character of the people and indeed of their government as well.

For that reason Vernadsky was able to identify the roots of Russian culture in an ancient period george vernadsky before the George vernadsky groups arrived.

George Vernadsky

He thereby undercut the standard claim that modern Russia emerged from Kievan Rus. He emphasized the importance of the Mongol periodas the horde united the vast Eurasian plain under a george vernadsky ruler.

This gave tsarist Russia a strong centralized government as well as the deep distrust of Europe. Vernadsky was annoyed that Peter the Great george vernadsky to Westernize Russia, thereby distorting its natural character.


He said Peter only succeeded in polarizing Russia into a Western oriented elite that stood in profound conflict with the Eurasian peasants. Indeed, Vernadsky argued that this polarization was one of the main weaknesses of the tsarist regime, making it incapable of dealing with the revolutionary movements of the early twentieth century.

He celebrated the collapse george vernadsky the European style parliamentary regime in the October Revolution george vernadsky that brought the Bolsheviks to power.

Vernadsky, George

Vernadsky was not a liberal, nor was he a Communist sympathizer, but he did admire the George vernadsky for rebuilding a strong Russia on non-European lines. George vernadsky writings about the historical past were based upon solid archive sources, his flight from Russia separated him from original materials of the latest periods.


Thus, some critics of early editions were doubtful about certain george vernadsky and estimates he made for contemporaneousness, pointing out that some of them were rather a guess than hard evidence. After a new, edition of A History of Russia appeared inS.

Most serious criticism of the book seems justified by the discussion of the Soviet period. george vernadsky

Yale University Press -

Professor Vernadsky is a Russian refugee george vernadsky has not been able to throw off george vernadsky anti-Bolshevik bias. Ferguson in Russian Review, 32 Pushkarev in Novyi zhurnal, The following bibliographies of Vernadsky's works are in print, although none is complete or free of inaccuracies: Ferguson and Alfred Levin, eds.

By my estimate Vernadsky published approximately 8, pages. Vernadskii [20 avgusta g. See the obituaries cited in note 1, george vernadsky those by Ferguson and Levin. See also note 31 below. Raboty po istorii vostokovedeniia Moscow,pp. Vernadskii, Russkoe masonstvo v tsarstvovanii Ekateriny II.

Istoriko-filologicheskii fakul'tet Sankt George vernadsky universiteta, Zapiski, Vernadskii, Nikolai Ivanovich Novikov Petrograd, For two statements of the Eurasian view of Russian history see I.

Vernadskii, Nachertanie russkoi istorii, vol.


Ein Beitrag zur russischen ldeengeschichte des Jahrhunderts Wiesbaden, and Orchard, G.