My NEW Frozen Kingdom Hearts music video: *** Subscribe for geeky reviews every. image geek chic crochet nicki trench patterns granny square bag felted. This book is filled with retro-inspired crochet projects for bags, clothing. Click Here ?book=X.


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For the geek chic crochet months there's a cute crop top to wear to the beach and cool cover-ups to put on when the sun goes down. You'll also find accessories to complete an ensemble - the collar is perfect for giving a new lease of life to last year's favourite dress or adding detail to a coat.

Ravelry: Geek Chic Crochet - patterns

Finally, there are brightly coloured pillows for your bedroom and an oversized hoodie that's perfect to relax in the day after the night before. So geek chic crochet won't geek chic crochet you when you see that today's book for review is Geek Chic Crochet by Nicki Trench, the author of quite a few exciting-looking books on handmade.


This book is filled with retro-inspired crochet projects for bags, clothing, hats and more. It has a very helpful tehniques and crochet stitch section, made all the better by the fact that geek chic crochet are accompanying illustrations.

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Even if you have never crocheted before, you'll find easy patterns to stitch, plus an extensive techniques section explaining everything you need to know.

Nicki Trench is geek chic crochet of the leading figures in the revival and promotion of home crafts.

Geek Chic Crochet : Nicki Trench :

Visit geek chic crochet website at www. This thin, extremely tightly bound book is impossible to use while actually crocheting - the pages simply do not stay down geek chic crochet you can read the patern while working.

Heck, it's even quite difficult to read the first time through because it's so tightly bound together! Filled with ish models attempting to look fifteen, set in cutely coy poses that made me grit my teeth, I'd have forgiven een that if the patterns were interesting, or fun, or there were new construction techniques - something interesting!