Compre o livro Abomination na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e Gary Whitta is an award-winning screenwriter best known for the. Abomination [Gary Whitta, John Lee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He is England's greatest knight, the man who saved the life of Alfred. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Game of Thrones by way of H.P. Lovecraft." ―Cliff Bleszinski : Abomination eBook: Gary Whitta: Kindle Store.


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Abomination by Gary Whitta: Demons and Vikings

July 30, Book Of Eli screenwriter Gary Whitta makes the jump from big-screen storytelling to gary whitta abomination printed page with his debut novel Abomination, a mix of historical fiction, fantasy, and horror set in the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire, a period that saw a significant drop in written recordings of events.

Alfred had spent his reign defending his kingdom of Wessex from the marauding Norse barbarians from across the sea, and it gary whitta abomination his success gary whitta abomination brokering peace with the Vikings that earned the young ruler his moniker of King Alfred the Great.

But now, the Danish King Guthrum is rumored to be ill, and his death would likely trigger the end of the truce.

Although eager for continued peace, Alfred must ready himself once gary whitta abomination for war, but this time around, Aethelred, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has a secret weapon for his King to use against his foes.

The first part of this novel, made up of the first eight chapters, is its major weakness. However, when compared 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum http: However, when compared to the rest of the book, this section had the feel of a very long drawn-out prologue; the pacing here is a bit choppy, its tone blunt and cut-and-dried, the writing style straightforward and almost pedagogical in its delivery gary whitta abomination not unlike a textbook.

Book Review: Abomination by Gary Whitta

To me, Chapter Nine felt gary whitta abomination like the real start of the story, kicking off the main narrative which takes place approximately fifteen years after the events of the first section. Here we finally get to the meat of it, when things truly begin to take off.


The entire tone of the novel also changes. She reminded me very much of a noble paladin, who is still trying to find herself and her gary whitta abomination in the world.

Abomination by Gary Whitta

Theme — for a horror novel and the amount of gore we encounter, the theme is actually touching. There is a lot of focus on mercy, self acceptance, loyalty, strength, hope and family.


Conclusion All in all I really enjoyed this book. Yes it starts off a bit slow, but it really does set the scene. Is it a real gary whitta abomination novel? It is very hard to categorize this book under any other theme.


If you gary whitta abomination history, good action scenes and love strong headed females, I would give this book a go. Give me a woman with a sharp blade, any day.

Abomination by Gary Whitta: Demons and Vikings - The Sassologist

The writing style also improved. Gary Whitta utilizes a third person omniscient point-of-view all through the novel and the effect is much like watching events gary whitta abomination out like a movie. Of course, Whitta is also best known for his accomplishments in the film industry as a screenwriter he did the post-apocalyptic thriller The Book of Eli and his writing credits also include Rogue One: I also really enjoyed the main story of Abomination, a bloody and gruesome tale of monsters.

I meant what I said about waiting for a book like this to come along; I rarely get to see such a cool mix of history and horror, serious but also gary whitta abomination, and absolutely not shy about the graphic violence and grotesque descriptions of the abominations.