Beginner/intermediate (preferably intermediate) is the level I was looking for. What books (if any) did you read while learning French in your earlier stages?French books for relative beginners? This book series tells stories of what childhood was like in France in the fascinating way it is written is great for beginner French learners. If you love reading books in your mother tongue, then you'll like to do so in French and, you will improve your vocabulary and grammar at the.


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Thus, it will be of great service to you, both in casual hangouts with your friends, as well as in formal situations that french books for beginners respectful language. Full review of Le Voeu de Marc These five selections are superb choices for beginners who want to get some real-life exposure to how French is really used.

The most popular recommended books in French for beginners | ILA

You can easily find here a rich resource—articles, videos, sometimes even games. After finishing an article, you will find at the end a small quiz that aims at testing your understanding.


His reading levels provide fun and reflection topics to readers of all ages and can help you learn French. The author, who here is an aviator, falls, with his plane, in the middle of the Sahara desert.

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While he tries to french books for beginners his machine, a little boy appears and asks him to draw a sheep. This little guy meets numerous new people and discovers various feelings with great emphasis on love and friendship.

This French book is written with minimalist vocabulary, which allows beginners to read it understanding what it is about.

The advantage of this book is that it can be read at all levels because the more you study and learn French, the more you understand the french books for beginners of this French book.

Adventure, escape and dream.


Friday or the Wildlife is a French french books for beginners by Michel Tournier published in and which is perfectly suited for beginners. This French book overviews the complex issues and differences between civilization, solitude, time and relationship with nature.

A good way to study and learn French as if you were a French child, deepening his first reading. Even more, he leaves holding a small baby, whose parents died in the war.

What is the best book to learn French at a beginner's level? - Quora

With touching word choices french books for beginners simple sentence structure, this is an intriguing story to read about the long journey of a man with a little girl. Easy - Intermediate This book is one for lovers of literature who want to read something philosophical and insightful.

Camus questions society of and the values of the time through the character Meursault.

French books for beginners vocabulary and language itself is not challenging, but there are many deep themes that will make you think more about the text. Intermediate Featuring themes such as death, war, and love, this book is not the emotionally-taxing, heavy reading material you might expect it to be.

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In fact, the uncomplicated descriptions and the thoroughly fascinating way it is written is great for beginner French books for beginners learners. Intermediate Here the story follows a little boy who dreams of life in the forest and living among the trees. This is a great narrative to awaken the imagination and learn some interesting new French vocabulary along the way.