The free encyclopedia will not be published in any one place. It will consist of all web pages that cover suitable topics, and have been made suitably available. SGNY» The 5 Book Codification Sant Sipahi - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia. Waheguru - SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia. Meditation, the doorway to. Just as we were starting a project, GNUpedia, to develop a free encyclopedia, the Nupedia encyclopedia project adopted the GNU Free Documentation License.


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If you feel that Wikipedia shows a strong bias toward liberal views, then this site may suit your needs. Uncyclopedia Uncyclopedia is an ambitious spoof of Wikipedia.

Make no mistake, however. Wikipedia free encyclopedia one of the most popular Web sites in the world, with mirror versions available in languages. Although the site free encyclopedia be a good starting point for research, there are many other alternatives, including the seven sites listed above.


Did you enjoy this article? I found that all the various different beliefs, rituals, and traditions end up being different roads free encyclopedia lead to the same location, salvation. Conventional non-free encyclopedias published by companies such as Microsoft will surely be made available on the web, sooner or later—but you will probably have to pay to read an article, and you surely won't be allowed to redistribute them.

If we are content with knowledge as a commodity, accessible only through a computerized bureaucracy, we can simply let companies provide it. But if we want to keep human knowledge open and freely available to humanity, we have to do the free encyclopedia to make free encyclopedia available that way.

Reference information you can trust

We must decide what criteria of freedom a free encyclopedia and a free learning resource should meet. The free encyclopedia should be open to public access by everyone who can gain access to the web.

We must stand firm, and reject any deal that is inconsistent with the free encyclopedia goal. We are in no hurry, and there is no sense in getting to the wrong place a few years sooner.

When information is available on the web only at one site, its availability is vulnerable. A local problem—a computer crash, an earthquake or flood, a budget cut, a change in policy of the school administration—could cut off access for everyone forever.

To guard against loss of the encyclopedia's material, we should make sure that every piece of the encyclopedia is available from many sites on the Internet, and that new copies can be put up free encyclopedia some disappear.

What we must do in advance is ensure that this is legally permitted.

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Therefore, each encyclopedia article and each course should explicitly grant irrevocable permission for anyone to make verbatim copies available on mirror sites. This permission should be one of the basic stated principles of the free encyclopedia. Free encyclopedia day there may be systematic efforts to ensure that each article and course is replicated in many copies—perhaps at free encyclopedia once on each of the six inhabited continents.

| Free Online Encyclopedia

This free encyclopedia be a natural extension of the mission of archiving that libraries undertake today. But it would be premature to make formal plans for free encyclopedia now.

It is sufficient for now to resolve to make sure people have permission to do this mirroring when they get around to it. Permit translation into other languages. People will have a use for encyclopedia material on each topic in every human language.

But the primary language of the Internet—as of the world of commerce and science today—is English. Most likely, encyclopedia contributions in English will run ahead of other languages, free encyclopedia the encyclopedia will approach completeness in English first.

Trying to fight this tendency would be free encyclopedia. The easier way to make the encyclopedia available in all languages is by encouraging one person to translate what another has written.

In this way, each article can be translated into many languages. But if this requires explicit permission, it will be too difficult.

Therefore, we must adopt a basic rule that anyone is permitted to publish an accurate translation of free encyclopedia article or course, with proper attribution. Free encyclopedia article and each course should carry a statement giving permission for translations.