Monster [Frank Peretti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Miles away from the hectic city, Reed and Rebecca hike into the beautiful. Reed Shelton's wife is abducted by a creature in the woods. MONSTER. Frank E. Peretti, Author, Charles F. Stanley, Author. WestBow $ (p) ISBN


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Monster Summary (Frank Peretti) -

It escalates in subplots, suspense, and yes, even horror as the very well woven plot evolves. As one frank peretti monster expect with Frank Peretti, it could be called a "gentle" horror tale. However, "gentle" in this case does not mean dull.

Peretti brings considerable writing frank peretti monster to this book. You will find it difficult to put down. The non-stop fast-paced drama of both the search and rescue teams along with Beck's struggle for survival at the hands of her captors continually generate anticipation frank peretti monster the next chapter as the story unfolds.

Monster (Peretti novel) - Wikipedia

Frank Peretti weaves a thrilling tale that mixes fact with science fiction. His descriptive writing style and detailed maps outlining the sequence of events bring the story visually to life. The next morning, Cap and Sing find Reed in the meadow. He tells them about the awful events that had taken place the night before, and they take him back to the hotel with frank peretti monster.

Monster (novel) - Conservapedia

Soon afterwards, a search party is organized the try to find Beck. Beck wakes up to find frank peretti monster in the arms of a gigantic gorilla -like animal, which seems to be trying to feed her serviceberries.


Beck refuses at first because she can't swallow the amount that is being forced into her mouthbut concedes shortly after realizing that it may be all she will eat for a while.

The animal is alerted to the sounds of hunters coming through the woods, and runs off with Beck in its arms. They frank peretti monster end frank peretti monster with several other of the creatures, who turn out to be actual sasquatches.

At first Beck only sees her abductor's rival and her single offspring, but then later meets the alpha male, who is none too pleased to see her.

Monster Summary (Frank Peretti)

Nonetheless, she is accepted as one of the group. She even comes up with names for them: Reed tries to convince the party that it was no bear that did the damage, but most of them refuse to believe and proceed to set out bear stands in an attempt to capture one.

Arlen seems to be the only one who will believe Reed, as no bear would have simply picked up frank peretti monster person and carried it. Cap, on the other hand, wishes to find out for himself what it was, and soon has his opportunity as another attack is reported not far away, by a young couple by the name frank peretti monster Ted and Melanie Brooks.

frank peretti monster Cap takes the saliva and dung samples left by the beast and attempts to get them analyzed at the university that he used to work at as a professor, before being fired because he was repeatedly finding problems with Darwinism.

The samples do not match any known creature, as they seem to contain the DNA of a chimpanzee, that has been contaminated with human DNA.

Soon he meets up with several of his former co-workers, who seem to be trying to cover something up. This becomes apparent when Cap begins investigating the office of his former co-worker, Adam Burkhardt. He finds several jars, with preserved specimens of various mutated animals, none of which frank peretti monster survived.