Yes, the author is the same Frank Herbert who wrote the science fiction classic Dune. In terms of style, The White Plague has much in common. Frank Herbert: Unpublished Stories The White Plague looks at the social and political impact a large scale terrorist attack of this nature would. Ace - July 3rd PrintingA car bomb explodes on a crowded Dublin street and an American scientist whose wife and children ar.


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  • The White Plague by Frank Herbert

According to him centuries of English oppression have led to being used to frank herbert white plague and a conditioning to hatred that makes it impossible for the Irish to handle peacefully the chaos following the release of the plague.

And Kevin O'Donnell and Herity are the epitomes of that darkness.

Frank Herbert Herbert's constant shift from one character's point of view to another's distracts from the story. At times, there are multiple shifts in POV within a page.

The White Plague by Frank Herbert

We have trouble sympathizing with any single character though we dwell mostly in O'Neill's mind and may frank herbert white plague ambivalent about him, an innocent bystander turned into a mad scientist turned into a schizophrenic. Perhaps the shifting points of view reflect the disintegrating world of the white plague and we aren't meant to focus on any single character or sympathize with him or her.

A terrible place, a monument to uncounted griefs. He knew the answer Because we had to bring ourselves back together again.

The White Plague - Frank Herbert

Because we needed a symbol. Plague shows how the long Irish memory for grievances and the cyclical view of history are inextricably intertwined frank herbert white plague at the root of the "Irish Question"; the Provos are so obsessed with the military frank herbert white plague of the past that they are unable to view England from any perspective other than that of their determination to achieve independence, some day, through a total military victory.

Father Michael summarizes the force of what he considers this empty dream in a trademark chapter epigraph: By virtue of their repeatability, the mythic acts of the founding fathers become timeless; they operate according to ritualistic and circular paradigms which redeem us from the depressing facts of the present; they bring history to a standstill and Doheny, who suspects John is the Madman, outlines his plan to reinvigorate the researchers by replacing "the old myths of death and destruction" with hope: Defeated people always try to compensate with myths and legends.

Not disaster but heroic tales! No people has ever been more accomplished at myth creation than we Irish.


Everything in our history conspired to strengthen the Irish faculty for the heroic myth to soften defeat. It demands a special myth, it does. The Irish always admire vision.

The White Plague - Wikipedia

I know why this curse was laid upon us. We must forgive them, Fin.


I know why this plague was laid upon us. Because we refused to forgive Diarmuid and Dervogilla. The old men nattering back at the castle.

This event occurred in and is considered a tragic turning point in Irish history. Diarmuid, 62 at frank herbert white plague time, was "contentious, cruel and savage to a degree extraordinary even in the far-from-gentle times in which he lived" Scherman and Dervorgilla soon fled back home Curtis Tiernan and his allies deposed Diarmuid, who sought help from the English.

The White Plague

The upshot was the Norman invasion and frank herbert white plague English conquest of Ireland. Herbert must have taken his fabrication from that other mythographer, William Butler Yeats, who conceived the story as a romance in "The Dreaming of the Bones" You speak of Diarmuid and Dervorgilla Who brought the Norman in?

Yes, yes, I spoke Of that most miserable, most accursed pair Who sold their country into slavery; and yet They frank herbert white plague not wholly miserable and accursed If somebody of their race at last would say, "I have forgiven them.