Blood, Guts & Glory and take a look at the new Tank Aces campaign rules. Blood, Guts & Glory Expand your FoW German & US Forces and. Blood, Guts & Glory [FOW FW] - Blood, Guts, & Glory: Tanks Battles in The Lorraine, September - January It's September and the Allies have. Blood Guts and Glory primarily focuses on Patton's 3rd Army's marauding across the There are 8 new lists included in Blood Guts and Glory: 3 American lists, and 5 German lists. . FOW: Hypothetical Mid War Hit The Beach.


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For my US force, I wanted to try out some underused rifle platoons which were supported by mm M7 Priestssome Shermans and a P Thunderbolt buzzing overhead. We also chose a different game framework, opting for a somewhat complicated Dust Up scenario from the official Flames of War missions list.

Our Dust Up scenario with my US forces in the foreground and Germans in the distance Well, as the game played out, I quickly discovered I had brought fow blood guts and glory to a tank fight.

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With one of my infantry platoons camped out in the woods near two objectives, my hope was to stave off the German armor advance with repeated bombardments from my Priests and diving runs from the P US Fow blood guts and glory Priest platoon taking up position US rifles deploy in the woods to guard a nearby objective Things went well for me in the early stages as Panthers stalled moving through the woods.

Even so, a couple turns in I was feeling fairly confident my artillery fire would whittle away the rolling German advance.

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In another turn, the Priests were wiped from the board and only my infantry platoon remained to defend my end of the table. The P appeared again to control the center of the battlefield, but missed on its run.

Flames of War: Dust Up Mission With “Blood, Guts and Glory” | Brooklyn Wargaming

US Support has options for vet or trained can choose either or Can get trained M36 jacksons for for 4. You can buy paratroopers and paratrooper engineers to fow blood guts and glory your companies. That about covers the US side of the house! Clearly there is a LOT to be excited about as American players!

There are also rules for Patton and Abrahams which I am not going to cover here. Suffice it to say they're very cool heroes and add a lot to the flavor as you'd expect!

This is just the shot in the arm the Americans needed.

I was drooling the entire time I read this! Talk about a break from the norm! A lot of people are down on this before having tried it, but I think a horde of attacking panthers are pretty damn scary!


There are 5 available lists: Panther Gs run roughly ea in units of 3. Plentiful AAA is available. Volksgrenadiers available as a support option. The FHH Panzersturmkompanie are assault rifle panzerfaust mechanized troops.

Decent support available for the panzersturm including halftrack mortars, cannons, and a mounted heavy platoon. Each platoon is either 3 or 6 halftracks. They come in around 30 points ea.

Panzer IV J are 60 points each and are "slow traverse".

The Panzerkompanie may take 2 platoons of 3 Stug G. AAA for the panzerkompanie can be either Mobelwagons or Wirbelwind. Support options for the Panzerkompanie: Very light on combined arms here- all about the swarm baby.