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ESIG - Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Gestion

Abstract Training in allergy exists in Moroccan medical schools, but it does not have the place that it should if we take into account the increased frequency of allergic diseases in Morocco and elsewhere and the increase in the demand for care that results.

In our country, allergy is not recognized officially as a specialty and allergic patients are cared for either by pulmonary specialists or physicians with some training in allergy, or by generalists with formation continue au maroc French medical school diploma or with an allergy diploma.

There is no explicit allergy training program in the medical schools, but instead there are sessions on allergy presented in the different medical specialities from the second to the fifth years, in which immunology, asthma, eczema and urticaria, nasosinusoidal allergies, conjunctivitis and anaphylactic shock are considered.

The amount of time devoted to teaching allergy does not exceed 30h which is 1. During classes in the third cycle, allergy is not clearly separated from other subjects; only the pneumology—pthisiology specialist course includes in-hospital training in allergy.

Moreover, understanding the political and social environment in which the Bank operates, thus demonstrating flexibility, becomes paramount, as in this case where the existing environment was not favorable to the introduction of an in-service training law, but the revision of the Vocational Formation continue au maroc Tax decree, was proposed and implemented instead.

Nevertheless, to ensure the adequate implementation of innovative mechanisms, the Bank should consider investing early on, in improving the technical competencies of implementing agencies, through new follow-up instruments, such as impact studies for example, which formation continue au maroc the greatest chance of being implemented, if technical training, seminars, etc.


In addition a project that aims to improve private sector competitiveness by upgrading workers skills, requires close collaboration between all ministries involved in the sector - such as Industry and Vocational Training, and between Bank departments, e.

On one hand, the difficulties inherent to the Moroccan labour market which has its own specific logic, and on the other hand, an effect of reputation pertaining to the system of professional training.

This effect of reputation spread beyond the general public to reach companies. Also, the public policies of assistant to the employability of graduates from professional training are inefficient, while networks and practices of cooptation are the mean privileged persons to fit easily into the labour market.

The role of the State formation continue au maroc crucial at this level to overcome not only against this phenomenon, but also to put the professional training in the heart of the implement of training and educational policy in Formation continue au maroc.