Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Five Weeks in a Balloon has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Cinq semaines en ballon = Five Weeks in a Balloon (Extraordinary Voyages, #1), Ju. Five Weeks in a Balloon [Jules Verne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A scholar, Dr. Samuel Ferguson, accompanied by his manservant.


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Five Weeks in a Balloon - IMDb

They blame him for putting the balloon in the path five weeks in a balloon attacking natives, and releasing its anchor, causing it to drift away. Finally, the crew considers whether they need two American witnesses for their expedition.

Finding Susan to be a less troublesome, they decide to hand O'Shay over to passing Arab nomads.


Five weeks in a balloon, as they descend, O'Shay spots a sandstorm, forcing them to immediately reverse their course. Near Timbuktuthe balloon lands in an oasis and several of five weeks in a balloon attempt to gather food and supplies.

They are discovered and captured by a mounted patrol of the Sheik of Timbuktu, but O'Shay, Jacques and Ahmed hide and escape in the balloon which is feared by the patrol.

In Timbuktu, Fergusson, Susan, and the General are imprisoned as infidels, and set to be thrown from the highest tower, while Makia is put up for sale. Makia warns them of the scheduled executions. The heroes fly the Jupiter to the tower, fight off a horde of swordsmen and save the others.

Five Weeks in a Balloon

However, as they take to the sky, one swordsman launches a scimitar that pierces the balloon and it begins to slowly leak. Aboard the gondola, the Professor calculates that with this handicap, they will never beat the slave traders.


Both they and the slavers are now neck and neck, only two days five weeks in a balloon from the Volta River, where they can stake their flag to claim the territory.

O'Shay convinces the Professor that they can gain the advantage if they fly through the night. They reach the Volta River first, but the scimitar rips from the balloon and causes it to descend until they empty out all the cargo.

Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne

As the balloon approaches a bridge, the crew spot the slave traders which shoot at their balloon. To gain lift and destroy the bridge with the ballon's anchor, they climb into its crow's nest and release the balloon's gondola.

This wipes out most of the slave traders, but not their leader, who continues attacking. The balloon finally hits the water close to where the river flows into an enormous waterfall.

The group five weeks in a balloon for shore, except Ahmed, who cannot swim and rides the balloon as a raft, and O'Shay, who swims back to get their flag.

Both men ride down the waterfall, after which Ahmed tells O'Shay to jump to safety with their flag.

Five Weeks in a Balloon - Rotten Tomatoes

Ahmed then kills the slave trade leader with a five weeks in a balloon to his heart. O'Shay delivers the flag and wins back the respect of the crew. Finally, Sir Henry admits to the Professor he was wrong in doubting him.

An attack on the balloon by condors, leading to a dramatic action as Joe leaps out of the balloon. The actions taken to rescue Joe later. Narrowly escaping the remnants of a militant army as the balloon dwindles to nothingness with the loss of hydrogen.

Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne - Free Ebook

An anachronistic killing of a Bluebuck antelope, a species which was already extinct. The novel is filled with coincidental moments where trouble is avoided because wind catches up at just the right time, or the characters look in just the five weeks in a balloon direction.

There are frequent references to a higher power watching out for them. Five weeks in a balloon balloon itself ultimately fails before the end, but makes it far enough across to get the protagonists to friendly lands, and eventually back to England, therefore succeeding in the expedition.

The story abruptly ends after the African trip, with only a brief synopsis of what follows. Similarities to later novels[ edit ] This section possibly contains unsourced predictionsspeculative material, or accounts of events that might not occur.

Information must be verifiable and based on reliable published sources.