On the basis of their recommendations, the new Federal Constitution was passed by the Federal Legislative Council on August 15, , and the Constitution took effect on August — Excerpted from Reid Commission on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. FEDERAL CONSTITUTION SERIES (PART 3) This article is in the election, and basically demanded the early removal of the yoke of. The Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States of often called simply the .. Scholes, Walter V. Mexican Politics during the Juárez Regime (University of Missouri Press, ); Sinkin, Richard N. The Mexican Reform,  Created‎: ‎–


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Supreme command of armed forces.

Power of pardon, etc. Chapter 4 - Federal Legislature Article Provided that where a person who has already completed two or more terms federal constitution 1957 office as a member of the Senate is immediately before the coming into force of this Clause a member of the Senate, he may continue to serve as such member for the remainder of his term.

Report of the Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission, 1957

Composition of House of Representatives. Qualifications for membership of Parliament. Every citizen resident in the Federation is qualified to be a member- a of the Senate, if he is not less than thirty years old; b of the House of Representatives, if he is not less than twenty-one federal constitution 1957 old, unless he is disqualified for being a member by this Constitution or by federal constitution 1957 law made in pursuance of Article Disqualification for membership of Parliament.

Provisions against double membership. A person shall not federal constitution 1957 the same time be a member of both Houses of Parliament, nor be elected to the House of Representatives for more than one constituency or to the Senate for more than one State, nor be both an elected and an appointed member of the Senate.

Effect of disqualification, and prohibition of nomination or appointment without consent.

Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States of - Wikipedia

A member of either House of Parliament may resign his membership by writing under his hand addressed, if he is a member of the Senate, to the President of the Senate, and if a member of the House of Representatives, to the Speaker of that House.

Federal constitution 1957 of a member. Decisions as to disqualification. Provided that this Article shall not be taken to prevent the practice of the House postponing a decision in order to allow for the taking or determination of any proceedings that may affect the decision including proceedings for the removal of federal constitution 1957 disqualification.

So Article 15 1 of the draft Malayan constitution was dropped because I think people should have the right to vote whether they are educated or uneducated.

People should be allowed to vote whether they are poor or rich, learned or not so learned. Because literacy and wisdom are not one federal constitution 1957 the same thing. I know a lot of literate people who are extremely unwise. And I would sit at their feet if I could.

Even for candidates in the electoral process, many countries have qualification requirements to be a candidate. Then I am afraid you are making Parliament an elitist institution. I know this point of view is there, that if you are an MP, you must be educated.

As I said earlier, formal education is not everything. What about the poor people?

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What about the rubber tapper? What about federal constitution 1957 hawkers? What about the workers? They have the right to be represented in the Parliament because they have interests that can easily be jeopardized.

I think Parliament should be open.

Refworld | Malaysia: Federal Constitution

Voting and contesting should be open to all irrespective of education or other qualification. Otherwise you are going to get a Parliament that is elitist. That is not democracy. It will be something else — eliterocracy perhaps? Sharing of federal constitution 1957 revenues.