Fama Fraternitatis, or, A Discovery of the Fraternity of the most laudable Order of the Rosy Cross. Seeing the only Wise and Merciful God in. This book is a collection of two noteworthy Rosicrucian documents. The first, Fama Fraternitatis, which translates to "The Story of the Brotherhood", is an. Fama fraternitatis Roseae Crucis oder Die Bruderschaft des Ordens der Rosenkreuzer, usually listed as Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis, is an anonymous  ‎The Legend · ‎List of names in the Legend · ‎In C.R.C.'s vault · ‎Origin.


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Hoc universi compendium unius mihi sepulchrum feci 7 Round about the first circle, or brim, stood, Jesus mihi omnia 8 In the middle were four figures, inclosed in circles, whose circumscription was, 1.

This vault we parted in three parts, the upper part or ceiling, the wall or side, the ground or floor. Of the upper part you shall fama fraternitatis no more of it at this time, but that it was divided according to the seven sides in the triangle, which was in the bright center; but what therein is contained, you shall God willing that are desirous of our society behold the same with your own eyes; but every side or wall is parted into ten figures, every one with their several figures and sentences, as they are truly shown and set forth Concentratum here in our book.

The bottom again is parted in the triangle, but because therein is described the power and the rule of the inferior governors, we leave to manifest the same, for fear of the abuse by the evil and ungodly world. But those that are provided and stored with the heavenly antidote, they do without fear or hurt tread on and bruise the head of the old and evil serpent, which this our age is well fitted for.

Every side or wall had a door or chest, wherein there lay divers things, especially all our books, which otherwise we had. Besides the Vocabular of Theoph: Herein also we found his Itinerarium and vitam, whence this relation for fama fraternitatis most part is taken.

In another chest were looking-glasses of divers virtues, as also in another place were little bells, burning lamps, and chiefly wonderful artificial songs, generally all done to that fama fraternitatis, that if it should happen after many hundred years the Order or Fraternity should come to nothing, they might by this only vault be restored again.

Now as yet we had not seen the dead body of our careful and wise father, we therefore removed the altar aside, there we lifted up a strong plate of fama fraternitatis, and found a fair and worthy body, whole and unconsumed, as the same is here lively counterfeited, with all his ornaments and attires.

In his hand he held a parchment book, called I. At the end of this book standeth this following Elogium: Granum pectori Jesu insitum. Cabalista Secundi Circuli 1. At the end was written Ex Fama fraternitatis nascimur, in Jesu morimur, per spiritum sanctum revivscimus. This place remains a mystery — it did not become Damascusbut is somewhere not too far from Jerusalem.

Then he stopped briefly in Egypt.


Soon afterwards, he embarked to Fesa center of philosophical and occult studies, such as the alchemy of Abu-Abdallah, Gabir ben Hayan and Imam Jafar al Sadiqthe astrology and magic of Ali-ash-Shabramallishi, and the esoteric science of Abdarrahman ben Abdallah fama fraternitatis Iskari.

Reply to the Fama and Confessio, signed by M. By analogy with other works see No. But the statement found in many authorities that in the text he fama fraternitatis declares himself a member is not true. This professes to be a complete description of the surroundings and life of the Fraternity, "although many doubt whether Brethren of the Rosy Cross do exist and refuse to believe our Fama, notwithstanding that it is published to the whole world.

But he who can distrust such open facts must need a candle at mid-day.

Fama Fraternitatis | Podcasts

For see, I who write this am of the Brotherhood; and although our Order is hidden within Germany, it is known in all fama fraternitatis parts. Lately its small and scanty number bath been increased by ten chosen worthy men; and at the same time it hath been fortified with such fama fraternitatis and ordnances that it may rightly be said to be reformed.

Therefore many of you seek our company, but only a few shall attain thereto; we admit only those whom we have long observed and bind them by hard conditions which they must keep so long as they live. We dwell in a monastery which our Father called 'of the Holy Spirit' when he first built it; which name the long course of time hath lost and altered; but our monumenta we have preserved.

Fama fraternitatis about us are trees and woods and our fields, and a smooth but famous river runneth by; and not far away is a well-known fama fraternitatis. We journey to various places, even as I am now at Hagenau in a year I shall return from the peoples and places I have been sent to fama fraternitatis.


I know well many writings are published in the name of fama fraternitatis Brethren which we do fama fraternitatis recognise for ours, as they agree not with our Fama. Further, not rightly doth the common man style us 'of the Rosy Cross,' because we are named after the first Father of our body.

How then was he named! That we fama fraternitatis steadfastly hold secret. Be they who they will, they do not right by us, who under our name scatter abroad such fancied visions.