Facilitated learning is predicated on the idea that students will perform better in a learning environment when they are empowered to make their own decisions, respected as individuals, and trusted with personal responsibility. Nurs Stand. Apr 6;30(32) doi: /nss Facilitation of learning: part 1. Warburton T(1), Trish H(2), Barry D(3). Author information. This article, the fourth in a series of 11, discusses the context for the facilitation of learning. It outlines the main principles and theories for understanding the.


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We recognise that practice educators with some experience wish to continue to develop their competence with student dietetic training. This Advanced Facilitation of learning of Learning FoL is aimed at those who have some level of responsibility for practice placements. What is Advanced Faciltation of Learning?

This 1 day course will be split into 2 sessions morning and afternoon and facilitation of learning at Sutton Bonington campus. It is a basic trust — a belief that this other person is somehow fundamentally trustworthy… Empathic understanding.


A further element that establishes a climate for self-initiated experiential learning is emphatic understanding. Rogers Facilitators have to be experienced as genuine — real people that can be related to; they have facilitation of learning care for and respect people; and they need to develop some sense of what might be going on for others.

In part they do this by coming to understand themselves.

Facilitation of learning: part 1

It also facilitation of learning facilitating the strengthening of the group as, what Glassman and Kates The facilitator seeks to help groups to help themselves. Attending to purpose Facilitators need to keep their eyes on the individual and collective goals that the group may or does want to work towards.

Facilitating entails intervening in the group where appropriate to help people to clarify and achieve these. It flows from our identity and facilitation of learning Palmer In the same way good facilitators know themselves and are able to draw upon their feelings to facilitation of learning sense of what might be going on with other people.

Facilitation of learning: part 1

facilitation of learning If we do not know who we are then we cannot know those we work with, nor the areas we explore. Another concern here is knowing, and bearing in mind, the responsibilities that go along with our facilitation of learning when facilitating.

Gail Evans argues that we must know what the agency expects of us, what the limits are, and what supports are available.

She also says that we must be clear with ourselves about what we can facilitation of learning in terms of our time, knowledge, skills and feelings. Core values On what basis do we make choices about our practice?

As facilitators we should be guided by certain commitments. On the other, are our personal commitments and values.

5 Strategies and 10 Tools to Facilitate Learning - Fly Plugins

We might expect that the values informing facilitation and facilitating would be close those running through education. Writers on facilitation and facilitating groups inevitably put their own spin on what is required but the four core values that Roger Schwarz cites link to those articulated by many educationalists: This means that participants share information in ways that allows others to understand their reasoning and, ideally, to make some judgements about whether the information is accurate Schwarz There also needs to be a commitment when facilitating facilitation of learning to seeking new information in order to review and make facilitation of learning and develop understandings.

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Free and informed choice. Participants should be able to define their own objectives and methods for achieving them; choices should not be coerced or manipulated; and choices should be based on valid information. Participants feel personally responsible for the choices they make: Participants need to be able to suspend judgement and allow themselves to be concerned about the experiences of others, and their suffering.

They also need to be concerned facilitation of learning their own suffering facilitation of learning wellbeing.

Facilitation of learning: part 1.

I now want to turn to the process of planning sessions and structuring them. Here, rather pragmatically, I have looked to my own experiences as a facilitator and tried to link this in to the more holistic approach we have been discussing.

Facilitating facilitation of learning sessions — having a plan A lot of the business of groups facilitation of learning carried out without much overt thought.