- OK, so here we go with a few quick tips and tricks for getting your parts fabricated easier, faster and better. Number one is: use standard sized material. Now there's a lot of different materials. If you've downloaded a material library from SolidWorks or you've created your own, make sure the supplier you're using. Within this section you'll find a number of helpful techniques that can help you improve your fabricating operations. Whether you're interested in forming. Down and Dirty Metal Fabrication tips using a Precision Build Pro Welding Table.


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Today, I used it for a down and dirty metal fabrication job Since the horizontal bandsaw angle adjustment was frozen up and wont cut angles other than 90 deg, I decided to cut the fabrication tips and tricks degree cuts using a plasma cutter.

A plasma cutter can make pretty good miter cuts if you use a straightedge. A good thing about having a small portable welding table on wheels, is you can drag it outside for quick fabrication tips and tricks welding, grinding, and plasma cutting, where smoke and dust and be left in the parking lot.


It saved me lots of time, and made the job much more enjoyable. Another job I did over the summer, was an order of 15 carts designed to haul aircraft fan blades. Because it was in July, That job was a butt kicker, but went smooth and fast. I learned that when I tig welded 4 dmall but complex parts on fabrication tips and tricks StrongHand table and the modular fixturing proved extremely helpful in fitting, tacking, and welding.


I banged out the parts in jig time no pun intended. In fact, the best foremen or candidates for such positions are the "old guys," those with the experience and knowledge that can help jobs run smoothly.

Some went to drafting schools, and most worked at least a year in the fab shop before they moved into the fabrication tips and tricks department.

Metal Fabrication

In some instances, those same fabricators who worked their way up own their own structural steel shops now. At the very least, let the old guys stay. They should be made inspectors or instructors. They are allowed to make money on top of their Social Fabrication tips and tricks benefits, after all.

Today, however, that's not the norm.

Metal Fabrication - A few quick tips for down and dirty fab on a StrongHand Table

The industry has more engineers who can read all the critical information, and more detailers who can put it on paper. But who is communicating with the shop floor to ensure the job can be fabricated according fabrication tips and tricks the detailer's specs and in the time allotted? Here's a typical statement from the front office: You need to have them ready for the erectors in three days.

We'll get you fabrication tips and tricks helper to finish the job on time. The offer for assistance is a common refrain.

6 structural steel lessons not found in books - The Fabricator

The end result is usually a pain for the lead fabricator. Instead of spending time on the fabrication tips and tricks job, the lead fabricator has to spend time watching the helper.

For jobs with tight deadlines, dedicated, experienced hands are best. Helpers and those fabricators providing the training to the helpers can accomplish their goals by working on jobs with longer lead-times.

The helper then can take it all in as he or she holds the dumb end of a fabrication tips and tricks measure.

  • 6 structural steel lessons not found in books
  • Frank advice on fixing some 'structural' mistakes made in steel fab shops

Watching the layout person and fitter do their jobs without the pressure of including someone not ready to contribute fully can lead to a relaxed exchange of knowledge. What about the quick turnaround for the handrail job?