This chemistry video for Grade students demonstrates R. A. Millikan's oil drop experiment to calculate. File:Simplified scheme of Millikan's oil-drop experiment From Wikimedia Usage on Elettrone · Esperimento di Millikan. Il Physical Science Study Committee (PSSC) è stato un comitato scientifico istituito presso il.


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Experiment de Millikan

To my reply that I did not know esperimento di millikan physics at all, his answer was, "Anyone who can do well in my Greek can teach physics. I was so intensely interested in keeping my knowledge ahead of that of the class that they may have caught some of my own interest and enthusiasm.

Compared to other books of the time, they treated the subject more in the way in which it was thought about by physicists. They also esperimento di millikan many homework problems that asked conceptual questions, rather than simply requiring the student to plug numbers into a formula.

In he married Greta Ervin Blanchard They had three sons: Oil drop experiment Starting inwhile a esperimento di millikan at the University of ChicagoMillikan worked on an oil-drop experiment in which he measured the charge on a single electron. Thomson had already discovered the charge-to-mass ratio of the electron.


However, the actual charge and mass values were unknown. Therefore, if one of these two values were to be discovered, the other could easily be calculated.

Millikan and his then graduate student Harvey Fletcher used the oil-drop experiment to measure the charge of the electron as well as the electron mass, and Avogadro's numbersince esperimento di millikan relation to the electron charge was known.

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Professor Millikan took sole credit, in return for Harvey Fletcher claiming full authorship on a related result for his dissertation. Esperimento di millikan experiment measured the force on tiny charged droplets of oil suspended against gravity between two metal electrodes.

Knowing the electric field, the charge on the droplet could be determined. Repeating the experiment for many droplets, Millikan showed that the results could be explained as integer multiples of a common value 1.

That this is somewhat lower than the modern value of 1. Experimenting with cathode rays inJ. Thomson had discovered esperimento di millikan charged 'corpuscles', as he called them, with a charge-to-mass ratio times that of a hydrogen ion.


Most of what was then known about electricity and magnetism, however, could be explained on the basis that charge is a continuous variable; in much the same way that many of the properties of light can be explained by treating it as a continuous wave rather than as a stream of photons.

The beauty of the oil-drop experiment is that esperimento di millikan well as allowing quite accurate determination of the fundamental unit of charge, Millikan's apparatus also provided a 'hands on' demonstration that charge is actually quantized.

The General Electric Company's Charles Steinmetzwho esperimento di millikan previously thought that esperimento di millikan is a continuous variable, became convinced otherwise after working with Millikan's apparatus.

Data selection controversy[ edit ] There is some controversy over selectivity in Millikan's use of results from his second experiment measuring the electron charge. This issue has been discussed by Allan Franklin[18] a former high-energy experimentalist and current philosopher of science at the University of Colorado.

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Franklin contends that Millikan's exclusions of data do not affect esperimento di millikan final value of the charge obtained, but that Millikan's substantial "cosmetic surgery" reduced the statistical error.

David Goodstein argues that Millikan's statement, that all esperimento di millikan observed over a sixty-day period were used in the paper, was clarified in a subsequent sentence which specified all "drops upon which complete series of observations were made".

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Goodstein attests esperimento di millikan this is indeed the case and notes that five pages of tables separate the two sentences. Millikan around When Einstein published his seminal paper on the particle theory of light, Millikan was convinced that it had to be wrong, because of the vast body of evidence that had already shown that light was a wave.

He undertook a decade-long experimental program to test Einstein's theory, which required building what he described as "a machine shop in vacuo" in order to prepare the very clean metal surface of the photo electrode. His results published in confirmed Einstein's predictions in every detail, [20] but Millikan was not convinced of Einstein's interpretation, and as late as he wrote, "Einstein's photoelectric equation The lectures are taught by IITians themselves to help esperimento di millikan aspirants.

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