Thus, in order to avail the benefits and at the same time, retain the membership with Employee Pension Fund (EPF) the employee files a Form 10C. The Form 10C is a form that should be filled and submitted when claiming made by your employer towards your PF account is segmented into EPF funds and. Form 10C . Page 1 of 4 eksckby [email protected] Mobile Number. ¼dsoy dk;kZYk; ds iz; ksxkFkZ½@ For Office Use Only nkok la[;[email protected] I.D.


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Who is more than 50 years of age, but not exceeding 58 years, and not willing for getting pension at a reduced rate.

Form 10C Download - EPF Withdrawal Form

Types of Benefits available A member falling in category 1 and 3 above, shall apply for withdrawal benefits A member falling in category 2 above, is eligible for Scheme Certificate only.

In case of 2 b above, if the member is willing to accept reduced pension, he is eligible to apply in Form10D A member who left service on epf form 10c of any permanent disablement, is eligible epf form 10c disablement pension and he has to apply in Form 10D 3.


In case the last employer or organisation has ceased to exist, you can get the form attested from an authorised official. Following are the documents and attachments required for the withdrawal with this application: Epf form 10c Certificates of Children for Date, when applying for the scheme certificate.


Death certificate in case if the member has deceased. Succession certificate for the legal heirs of member. If the beneficiary is applying through a bank for withdrawal, a Re 1 epf form 10c should be attached. Who can use the Form 10C?

Form 10C is the way to get epf form 10c of the benefits you get from your service to your employer.

EPF Form 10c | Form 19 | Form 31 | Form 13 Download

Every member of the EPS scheme are eligible for filling and applying Form 10C if they satisfy the following mentioned criteria: A person who has left the employment before the completion of the 10 years of his service and who has attained the age of 58 years before the end of 10 years of service.

A person who has completed his 10 years of epf form 10c and have not attained the age of epf form 10c years, or that he is a member who is between 50 to 58 years of age and is unwilling to settle for a reduced pension.

Step 5- Fill out the claim form carefully. Once completed, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number which, when entered in the form, will initiate the withdrawal claim.

When the claim form is successfully submitted, an SMS notification will be sent to your registered mobile number.