The prosperity and well-being of a nation depends on the effective utilization of human and physical resources through industrialisation based on science and. The Centre for Environment Education (CEE) in India was established in August as a Centre of Excellence supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The organisation works towards developing programmes and materials to increase awareness about the environment and sustainable development.‎History · ‎Mandate · ‎Thrust areas · ‎International presence. He says "with a good environment education, even people who have not Certificate Course on Environment and Sustainable Development Communication under the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India.


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Environmental education india poor showing in general environmental literacy and in sound environmental practice must lead us to question the methods and approaches we have used so far.


It was believed that Science and the Social Science held the keys that would open the doors to environmental literacy. Later, it was felt that this approach was too 'content' oriented and neglected the aesthetic and environmental education india aspects found in language, arts and crafts and value education.

Environmental Education System in India

Rather than being confined to the narrow corridors of textbook and examination, education has environmental education india be more concerned with the: These aim environmental education india empower the student to develop skills that will assist in life-long learning.

This has significant implications not only for developing cross-curricular approaches to environmental education but for the use of environmental studies as a catalyst for bringing in much needed reform in the education system.

At the time it began its activities, CEE was perhaps the only organization actively engaged in environmental education in the country. While carrying out programmes in different parts of environmental education india country, it was located only at Ahmedabad.


Environment includes a number of situations or experiences that influences the development of the individual. So the environment of an individual comprises all the physical and social factors around him which directly affect environmental education india living including the working conditions.

Centre for Environment Education - Wikipedia

The various environmental factors are interrelated. The physical environment includes the living and non-living, the geographical landmarks, topography and climatic conditions, the man-made feature like buildings, roads, transport and other facilities like health, sanitation, nutrition aspects.

The social environment consists of the family and community life, fairs and festivals, modes of production and environmental education india of essential commodities.


The various environmental factors are inter-related. We know the environment of an individual comprises all the physical and social factors.

Then only the individual can survive on his environmental education india. For this reason our environment is to be protected.

Education is regarded as an important instrument and means for generating proper awareness and adequate knowledge and skills regarding environmental protection. Meaning of Environmental Education: Need of the hour is to prepare suitable strategies of environmental education for saving our environment.

Environmental education is a process to promote the awareness and understanding of the environment, its environmental education india with man and his activities.

India | The GEEP

Aims and Objectives of Environmental Education: The following are the aims and objectives of environmental education: Within the national government, environmental education is supported by various ministries, including the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Changethe Ministry of Human Resource Developmentand the Department of Science and Technology.

EE activities in India may be funded by a variety of sources, including government grants, foundations, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The National Council of Educational Research environmental education india Training is environmental education india nodal agency to oversee the directive.