Chapter 4. Enumeration and System Hacking This chapter covers the following topics: Enumeration: The process of counting off or listing what services. The second step of ethical hacking and penetration testing involve two terms that is scanning or port scanning and enumeration, we will discuss the these two. Enumeration and its Types. Enumeration is defined as the process of extracting user names, machine names, network resources, shares and services from a system. The gathered information is used to identify the vulnerabilities or weak points in system security and tries to exploit in the System gaining phase.


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Malicious or " black-hat " hackers can, on entry of the network, get to security-sensitive information or corrupt the network making it useless. Establishing null sessions and connections.

Null sessions tools like Dumpsec, Winfo and Sid2User or more, may used to perform this attack.


The agents are installed on the network devices and the manager software is installed on a different machine. Using this community string the agents can be configured from a remote machine as well.

The community strings are of two types: By default this is public and can be used to view the device configuration. Linux Enumeration In Linux to make use of enumeration the command like below are used: I enumeration in ethical hacking actually enumerate using time.

Ethical Hacking Enumeration

Now you may be thinking, "Dale, you cannot possibly have "a quote about this. A famous philosopher whose name is Cyndi Lauper, I believe she just wants to have fun.

She once said, "If enumeration in ethical hacking lost, "you can look and you will find me.

And it always deals with the aspect when it comes to hacking is, the things that you don't expect end up giving up information. So, in this module, we'll go through and we're going to have some fun. We'll take a look at what enumeration in ethical hacking NTP?

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Give you a little history lesson on it, and then we'll go through and take a look at, what is it we can actually extrapolate out of an NTP server? There enumeration in ethical hacking a famous bumper car sticker that went around in black hats several years ago and a lot of people didn't understand it's meaning, and it just simply said, 'I read your email.

So, in this module we're going to go through, we're going to take a look at enumeration in ethical hacking Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. And in it we'll take a look at what it is, what it's used for in case you're not familiar with it, trust me, it's all about e-mail.