The questionnaire was an adaptation of the patient satisfaction tool used by .. Provider–client relationship has been found to be a significant. Afin d'améliorer le service qu'il rend à ses utilisateurs, l'Insee effectue régulièrement des enquêtes de satisfaction sur les indicateurs et les. WE VALUE YOUR FEEDBACK FOR OUR OWN PERSONAL GROWTH. PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES AND COMPLETE OUR SURVEY.


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Explanation was provided on the reasons for conducting the survey, and data confidentiality was guaranteed.


Exit interview was conducted after a patient has enquete satisfaction client attended to by the health-care providers in the facility. The study questionnaire assessed socio-demographic characteristics of patients including age, sex, educational level, and marital status as well as if tested for HIV, HIV status, distance between place of residence and DOTS facility, and payment for TB services.

Distance between place of residence and DOTS was estimated based on the time taken to reach the DOTS facility, near if it took 30 minutes and far if enquete satisfaction client took more than 30 minutes for a patient to get to a DOTS facility from home.

Waiting time was defined as perceived time spent at various service points—registration, consultation, and laboratory including waiting to collect laboratory test result.

Quelles thématiques aborder dans une enquête de satisfaction salariés ?

While adherence counseling, which is an integral component enquete satisfaction client TB services, can be described as the counseling provided to TB patients prior to commencement of treatment. It includes information on TB symptoms and diagnosis and TB medications including dosage, duration, side effects, and benefits, and it is aimed at helping the patient make an informed decision to cooperate with the care provider to achieve cure.

Patient satisfaction with TB services was measured using a total of 38 questions, which follow in chronological order of the sequence of services a TB enquete satisfaction client receives from the time of first visit to a DOTS facility till commencement of treatment.

In addition, other enquete satisfaction client of quality of TB care comprising amenities, staff attitude, and confidentiality were assessed. The questionnaire named PS was originally divided into 10 domains factors based on review of literature.


They included access to TB services six itemswaiting time four itemsregistration four itemshealth education five itemsand laboratory services three items.

Others were adherence counseling four enquete satisfaction clientmedication three itemsamenities four itemsstaff attitude three itemsand confidentiality two items.


Patient satisfaction was measured using a scale of measurement graded as follows: The response scale ranged from zero to five, and scores for each domain enquete satisfaction client calculated by enquete satisfaction client the answers to all the items in each domain and the average for each domain calculated.

Scale factor structures The exploratory factor analysis of the patient satisfaction score using varimax rotation yielded eight 8 factors with eigen values greater than 1, and they include the following: These factors combined to account for Acceptability and feasibility Feasibility and acceptability were examined by the proportion of missing item responses, interviewer-reported acceptability, and the time and ease of administration.

Touchquizz Questionnaire sur iPad Enquete satisfaction sur iPad démarche qualité Office de Tourisme

The full-scale alpha was 0. Patient satisfaction score Descriptive statistics, including frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations, were calculated for the socio-demographic variables and patient satisfaction scores.

All the questions that assessed satisfaction level were scored on a five-point Likert scale. After scoring, items within enquete satisfaction client same subscale were averaged together to create subscale score.


Items left blank by respondents enquete satisfaction client data were ignored when calculating subscale scores. In other words, scale scores represent the average for all items in the scale that were answered.

Overall satisfaction was calculated by determining the average of all the mean scores of all the enquete satisfaction client. You may get better results with a continuous survey that asks every client a few brief questions about their level of satisfaction.

Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction with Tuberculosis Services in Southern Nigeria

Here at myPay Solutions, for example, we send out short surveys — and get results back — every day. Three or four questions should be enough to provide you with useful client feedback. Rate our service on a scale of What are we doing especially well? What enquete satisfaction client we do better?