Looking for Study notes in Engineering? Find them on Docsity, the widest online database of Study notes in Engineering! A laundry list of personal reminders. “Notes to Myself on Software Engineering” is published by François Chollet. Facebook Engineering. likes · talking about this. We build Facebook.


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HTML PDF The homography matrix is crucial for many optical metrology applications, such as three-dimensional surface imaging engineering notes structured-light projection.


In this paper, a straightforward engineering notes estimati HTML PDF This paper describes the adaptation of the laser-induced fluorescence measurement technique for the investigation of the primary breakup of modern diesel and gasoline direct injection sprays.

We instantiated the object while the app was idle in the inbox engineering notes so that it was ready as soon as the user selected a thread.

After discovering that AVAudioPlayer:: We also spent a lot of time looking at the network requests the app was making and reducing unnecessary data-fetching. On Android, we noticed that the people page was taking too long engineering notes start up, so we optimized the contacts schema and queries for Messenger to make contact loading as fast as engineering notes.

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Regressions are inevitable, but engineering notes trick is to catch them right away. To do this, Messenger Engineer, Luiz Scheidegger, hooked up a gingerbread device and an ICS device to a Mac mini and had it run startup-timing tests on every diff, so we can catch changes in performance right away.

It runs engineering notes up 40 times and gives us an average on time. We can now detect changes in engineering notes time down to ms. Digging into it, it turned out to be an unrelated change to our logging that caused a ms gain.

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We merged that diff into our release branch immediately and were able engineering notes see the performance gains in our release version.

What's Next This is just the beginning for the new and improved Messenger.


View engineering notes Uploads Download Android App Now you can keep all the notes inside your Pocket and access engineering notes without internet.

Download the Android App Download Now What they say Dictation takes a huge amount of time which can be used to discuss concepts in the classroom.