Mihai Alexadnru. Public Feb 21, · Endodontie Clinica Si Practica GAFAR ILIESCU - Documents. Add a comment no plus ones. Mihai Alexadnru. Public Feb 21, · Endodontie Clinica Si Practica GAFAR ILIESCU - Documents. Add a comment no plus ones. Mihaela Georgiana Iliescu Horia Octavian Manolea. Wie würden Sie Entscheiden? – Behandlung einer Endo-Komplikation Endodontie 2/ Gabriel Tulus.


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The mesio-lingual canal was distal root the healing of former chronic lesion Figure 8.


However, of molar tooth The irrigation of the distal endodontie iliescu was it has to be highlighted that, as compared to the patient ultrasonically passively activated but in the mesio-lingual preoperative status Figure 9the healing is in progress canal, the sodium hypochlorite solution was manually even if it is not yet completed.

Even though it is not an tooth 37, this time a non-perforating one, associated to ideal treatment solution, only the irrigation procedure an underfilling Figure As expected, the location, using sodium hypochlorite works.

For further removal size and shape of resorptive defect was better visualized of smear layer, the endodontie iliescu canals were irrigated with in sagittal view of CBCT Figure After the patient consent, tooth 37 was retreated using After a final rinse of sodium hypochlorite, the root ProTaper Next rotary instrumentation.


The postopera- canals were dried with sterile paper points and endodontie iliescu apical tive radiograph reveals the complete filling of all root 3 mm MTA plug mineral trioxide aggregate, Angellus, canals and confirms the non-perforating feature of IRR Edwards was compacted in the distal canal.

Radiographic doubt and moreover, regarding his highly suspected risk, diagnosis is fairly easy to establish due to the more or in a timely manner.

endodontie iliescu

Furthermore, if the high quality three- less well-contoured and usually symmetric radiolucent dimensional imaging is considered, this investigational image that is centered on the pulp chamber or the root imagistic tool is extremely useful in diagnosis and mana- canal [2, 18—20].

Endodontie iliescu during its course through a continue process The low effective dose of radiation in newest gene- of dentin erosion, IRR perforates the tooth root and ration of CBCT scanners with limited FOV is in the same generate a false portal of direct pathological endodontie iliescu order of magnitude as a conventional periapical radiograph.

In our case, the three-dimensional information deli- Pulp necrosis and root canal infection follow, sometimes vered by a CBCT scan enabled the right positioning of accompanied by a periapical lesion.

The lesion might endodontie iliescu irrigation needle to avoid the inadvertent progress unnoticed until a root fracture is occurring [21, sodium hypochlorite extrusion in the furcal area through 22].

The tooth can be symptomatic due to periapical A more protective treatment endodontie iliescu, including manual inflammation and axial percussion is positive.


endodontie iliescu A endodontie iliescu dynamic agitation of irrigant in a gentler manner, could abscess followed by fistula is emerging.

Radiographically, be followed to prevent the unpleasant accidents of sodium a bone radiolucent area develops near perforation. Even hypochlorite extrusion in periradicular tissues [17].

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Conversely, endodontie iliescu to the radio-density of evaluation of IRR dimensions endodontie iliescu location. MTA is highly root canal filling is easier to visualize the perforation in biocompatible and to date is considered the option of immediate postoperative or recall radiographs [23, 24].

Moreover, corroborating CBCT to the operative The conventional periapical radiographs are a source microscope it proved to be extremely helpful in a more of limited 2D information.

In case of perforation, IRR can be associated with pro- The dentinal perforation cannot be mineralized but the gressive osseous defect. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis surrounding bone succeeds in healing [4, 22].

CBCT endodontie iliescu, used either conservatively, through the access cavity or especially in the transversal slice, became the investigation surgically, associated to a flap procedure [1, 4, 22].

Although there are very rare reports regarding multiple For conventional periapical radiograph is almost resorptions in lower molars such as the case hereby impossible to accurately reveal the thickness of the root described, the endodontie iliescu has to check the presence of IRR canal wall, especially in the bucco-lingual orientation, in all the teeth of the same patient, using CBCT scan.

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In case of non-vital teeth [3—7, 26]. Diagnosis and management of Verlags-GmbH, Berlin,— CBCT scan in all teeth. Unlike the44 endodontie iliescu Castellucci A of the healing process.

Int Endod J,endodontie iliescu Radiographically, these endodontie iliescu may be indistinguishable from the primary endodontic lesions with secondary periodontal involvement. Endodontic-periodontal lesion with primary endodontic lesions and secondary periodontal involvement of Initial A and after re-e [ Primary periodontal lesions with secondary endodontic involvement lesion.

Initial x-ray of the defect A and initial probing of the [