EVE Voice, Mail & Chat Fixed race condition when two users call each other at the same instant. Fixed multichannel failures with text disconnect and media. When I picked up Tony Gonzeles' first novel, EVE The Empyrean Age, I was honestly expecting another forgettable and ultimately meaningless. Patch notes for Empyrean Age, released 10 June Table of Contents CRITICAL FEATURES CHANGES FIXES EXPLOIT FIXES POST.


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A disgraced ambassador is confronted by a mysterious woman who knows everything about him, and of the sinister plot against his government; empyrean age actions will one day unleash the vengeful wrath of an entire civilization.


A typographical error in the description for Spike ammunition of all sizes has been fixed. Skills The problem of characters starting with a certain skill before having all prerequisite skills empyrean age has been fixed.

Leadership Skills description now correctly displays fleet bonuses, not gang bonuses.

The Mining Tutorial has been tweaked empyrean age the correct number of pages displayed has been changed to four. The "Petty Thief" in the Aura Tutorial has been fixed.


He is now easier to kill empyrean age pays a much higher bounty. The Reprocessing Plant option in station services was not displaying a welcome page.

EVE: The Empyrean Age

This has been resolved and should now display correctly. A typographical error in Character Creation has been resolved empyrean age choosing a career in Industry.

Their NeoCom buttons will now blink properly when opening the tutorial.

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  • Empyrean Age

This has been fixed and will no longer happen. Resetting tutorials continuously used to throw an exception.

Empyrean Age (Novel) - Backstage Lore Wiki

This has been fixed. Fixed a typographical empyrean age in Sangrel Minn's Description. Customs Officers have been empyrean age and will now give you the option to hand over contraband goods in your hold and pay a fine on them rather than shoot first and ask questions later.

The Customs Officers have been handed some new procedures, and will now provide a reason in your logs for giving you a standing penalty after catching you smuggling. The wording empyrean age the Customs warning has been re-written to be more intuitive.

All locator agents will now give out the correct details when confirming the location of a player either in space or station.

Empyrean Age | EVE Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Fixed a typographical error in the mission "Technological Secrets 1 of empyrean age. A grammatical error in the mission "Lights Out" has been corrected. A bug that existed in Storyline missions that was not giving corporation standing increases to fleet members has been fixed.

The mission "Secret Pickup" now has the objective stated correctly. Empyrean age missions had an incorrect expiry time.

EVE: The Empyrean Age by Tony Gonzales

The mission "Lost That Bet 2 of 5 " will now drop the correct item, one unit empyrean age Dolls 1. The Beacon that previously sat on the acceleration empyrean age to several Mordus Headhunter missions has been removed. The exploration site "Angel Cartel Navy Shipyard" was missing its description.

This has been found and pinned back into place.