Dresser Valve and Controls Division. Alexandria, Louisiana (USA). Consolidated® Electromatic. Relief Valve System,. With Control Station. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited offering Electromatic Relief in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu. Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. | ID: We noted in the first reactor trip (08/30/74) that the electromatic relief valve may have relieved liquid since pressurizer level indicated the pressurizer was filled.


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Chapter 9. PORVs

But in case of Compressed Air, it releases it to atmosphere. For more info please visit us: So basically where these were equipped we never had to worry about trapping line systems or worry about thermal expansion because the pressure relief valves would blow off electromatic relief valve to tankage as needed.


Thanks for your patience. In the mean time here is our electromatic relief valve of what the steam and power forum is about: Welcome to the steam and power forum.

Electromatic relief valve flow and primary system hydrogen st..|INIS

The coil pulls the slug on top of the pilot spool valve up into the magnetic field, against spring pressure spring not shown. The repositioning of the pilot spool valve does two things.

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It opens the vent port to the Quench Tank depressurizing the dome area above the main valve disk and it closes the port from system pressure to the electromatic relief valve area. Now system pressure pushes the main valve disk up to open the valve to discharge to the Quench Tank.

The blow electromatic relief valve pressure set point would drop out the seal in relay to close the valve after a 50PSI pressure blow down.

So the problem that occurred was when the pressure dropped electromatic relief valve slightly say 5PSI the open signal dropped out, the PORV closed, the pressure immediately increased again to open set point, PORV opened; rinse and repeat.

Post event disassembly and testing of the PORV showed the pilot valve spool stuck in the open position due to unknown foreign material stuck in the guide area of the pilot valve nozzle.

The material caused galling in the nozzle guide area and also the pilot stem was electromatic relief valve.

Decontamination of the Three Mile Island Unit 2 Reactor Building Atmosphere - Google Books

The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect electromatic relief valve vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits.

When the set pressure is exceeded, the relief valve becomes the " path of least resistance " electromatic relief valve the valve is forced open and a portion of the fluid is diverted through the auxiliary route.


The diverted fluid liquid, gas or liquid—gas mixture is usually routed through a piping system known as a flare header or relief header to a central, elevated gas flare where it is usually burned and the resulting combustion gases are released to the atmosphere.

Once it reaches the valve's reseating pressure, the valve will close. The blowdown is usually stated as a percentage of set pressure and refers electromatic relief valve how electromatic relief valve the pressure needs to drop before the valve reseats.