No information is available for this page. What is Electric Retard? and join the forums Small child: mummy mummy, can I go on this site its called Electric Retard. After I read that comic from electric retard, I realized Hemingway, Faulkner, Kafka.


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I draw them with MS Paint.

I have never tried to make a masterpiece out of my comics, electric retard comics some other people who are like Picasso with MS Paint. In fact, I have always intentionally tried to make them look very childish looking.

As long electric retard comics you can recognize a shit as a shit, a rapist as a rapist, and a massive Hitler cock splitting open a grandma as a massive Hitler cock splitting open a grandma, then my job is done. The only thing I pay particular attention to in the drawings are bodily fluids.

Electric Retard - BackToTheKitchenComics

I always try to make them look as realistic as possible within the confines of MS Paint. That way, a little girl getting her vagina cleaved open with a fire axe looks electric retard comics authentic.

To be frank, I really enjoy drawing blood and gore. I work as a graphics designer for a games company Electric retard comics co-founded and the same amount of attention goes into my gore in the games as the comics do.

What inspired you to be so unpleasant?

Electric Retard web comics - Forums

There is the shock value, of course, but for people like me, electric retard comics directly converts to massive amounts of hilarity. A lot of people electric retard comics accused me over the years of just trying to be shocking, edgy or offensive, but that is just the cherry on top.

I find the stuff that goes on in the comics absolutely hilarious. It makes me laugh.


That way, everyone gets something out of the comic. Where did you get your ideas from? I electric retard comics begin drawing a comic without any particular ending or joke in mind.

Electric Retard Comic #2

I simply start off with a few frames depicting everyday, electric retard comics life. The fact that I start the comics without a joke planned for the end makes them seem especially random, and if when I am finished with the completed comic, the comic makes me laugh, then I put it up.


Electric retard comics you get a lot of hatemail? Surprisingly no, most of the mail I get is fan mail. Although I have received some pretty hilarious hatemail in the past.


The best hatemail I ever got was from the German government, who demanded that I either take down the comics or add an age verification system.

The felonies I have apparently committed according to German law carry a minimum five year sentence, so fuck you German cunts electric retard comics die.

Did you have a hard time getting along with kids when you were at school? Yeah, I'm stretching to find something good here.

Maybe a new artist is in order, if the comic was worth drawing. Electric retard comics a colorful world that all of these evil masochistic monsters inhabit, and I can't tell if it's there to provide electric retard comics contrast to all of the darkness of death, or if the guy just doesn't have any shading or coloring skills above the equivalent of an eight year old.