I took the plunge and bought the Aver Hybrid DVR, hoping it will work with my 4 IP Cams, and 4 Analogue Cams. I've been trying to get the IP. EHH-4 Nano b. EHH-4 Nano+ (2) Quick Installation Guide (3) Software CD (Manual is included) (4) DVI video cable (7) (8) (4) (5) Power adaptor (6). EHH-4 Nano is a budget-friendly 16CH H embedded hybrid DVR with mini-fan design which is ideal for NEW Product AVER EHH-4 Nano.


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And then, turn the cover over carefully.

Hold the cover parallel with DVR unit and put the cover back to the DVR unit and be carefully the hard disk that inside the eh1008h 4 nano.

Finally, Push the cover forward and secure the cover 9. You may now connect all the cables and power on the DVR unit.

Follow the illustration below to make the connection: For backup recorded video, plugging eh1008h 4 nano pen drive or external hard disk through USB port that are located at front panel of Eh1008h 4 nano unit, and then, use the bundled software enables user to transfer, playback and segment the video.

Connect all necessary external devices. Plug the power to turn on the DVR unit.

EH1116H-4 Nano

Please wait for a while until start up process is completed. And then, the preview screen will show up on surveillance screen. If the hard disk is first time installed in the DVR unit, please format the eh1008h 4 nano disk. Following the below steps to format the hard disk.

Click Setup and enter the password If eh1008h 4 nano is the first time, enter the default password [admin]. The default ID will be admin. Select the hard disk from list.

EHH-4 Nano series - NVRs and Surveillance Software | AVer Global

Click Format button and click Start to begin formatting e. When formatting is done, click OK. Adjust time and date: Setup the DVR eh1008h 4 nano date and time in order to have corrected recording time and date.

Eh1008h 4 nano the below steps to setup date and time: Select the Year and Month by click arrow button, click on the date to select the date. And adjust the time, and then, click OK.


Plug the video cable which included in package contents to audio port on DVR unit. Connect the analog camera video cable to video-in port. Select Input as Analog Camera.

In Camera section, mark Display to allow the live video of camera eh1008h 4 nano display on surveillance screen. And then, enter the Name and Description of the channel.

Mark Enable Audio to record the sound.