In Dave Eggers's dystopian novel, an eager young woman gives up her private life to work at a company called the Circle. When Mae is hired to work for the Circle, the world's most powerful internet company, she feels she's been given the opportunity of a lifetime. Run out of a. Now a Major Motion Picture starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. A bestselling dystopian novel that tackles surveillance, privacy and the frightening.


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Run by the "Three Wise Men", the Circle recruits "hundreds eggers the circle gifted young minds" every week and has been voted "most admired company four years running".

Among their inventions is "TruYou", a single integrated eggers the circle interface that executes and streamlines every internet interaction and purchase: Mae is absurdly grateful for the opportunity to work in this brave new world. The novel tracks her own integration into the ethos and activities of the Circle, gradually illuminating a deeply disconcerting vision of eggers the circle real life might soon be chased into hiding by the tyranny of total techno-intrusion.

There is much to admire. The pages are full of clever, plausible, unnerving ideas that I suspect are being developed eggers the circle now. We have traded making physical things for a glossy, meaningless online eggers the circle that leaves us vulnerable to those who see that information — in the form of data, video feeds, or our own consumer desires — is power.

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We have met Big Brother, and he is us. And by the last pages, you may think twice before eggers the circle on again. Set in the not-so-distant future, the novel is part satire, part corporate thriller.

The social message of the novel is clear, but Eggers expertly weaves it into an elegantly told, compulsively readable parable for the 21st century.

The Circle by Dave Eggers – review | Books | The Guardian

Eggers has a keen eye for context, and the great strength of The Circle lies in its observations about the way instant, asynchronous communication has damaged our personal relationships. A speculative morality tale in the vein of George Orwell.

We have closed our eyes and eggers the circle our consent.


Everyone else is doing it. Stop liking and sharing and tweeting and texting! Meanwhile, The Circle continues to develop a range of sophisticated technologies, including SeeChange: Eventually, SeeChange cameras are worn all day long by politicians wishing to be eggers the circle, allowing the public to see what they are seeing at all times.

Another subplot is the diagnosis of Mae's father with multiple sclerosiswhich eggers the circle leads Mae to enroll her parents on her healthcare, which in turn drives them to install SeeChange cameras in their home.

The Circle: Dave Eggers: : Books

After a brief incident with her eggers the circle legal issues, Mae ends up agreeing to wear a SeeChange device herself called going transparentrepresenting her own growing role in the company, epitomized by a public talk in which she insists, "secrets are lies," "sharing is caring," and "privacy is theft.

He has internet phobia and eventually insists on going eggers the circle the grid to escape the more and more far-reaching influence of The Circle and its technologies.

Kalden calls Mae, warning her that The Circle must be stopped, but she refuses to listen. Throughout the novel he goes from eggers the circle a benign distaste for eggers the circle ways of the present to attempting to escape from his doomed society.

Meanwhile, Annie becomes envious of Mae's success and volunteers to be the test subject for PastPerfect, a new product that tracks a person's family history and activities, to regain her standing within the company.


Disturbing facts about Annie's family history come to light and she becomes increasingly stressed, eventually causing her to fall into a catatonic state.