Tango En Skai sheet music - Guitar sheet music by Roland Dyens: Editions Henry Lemoine. Shop the World's Largest Sheet Music Selection today at Sheet. After searching for the history of Tango en Skai by Dyens, I found out that the piece is a parody of the tango (with Skai meaning a slang for a. Tango En Skai by Roland Dyens tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.


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It is a party piece that revels in its excess, but significantly never strays from the steady heartbeat of the Tango rhythm.

Method: Roland Dyens’ Immortal ‘Tango en Skaï’; a Study in Fluidity and Rhythm

It is found in two regional flavors—Spanish and Argentinean. Both are normally dyens tango en skai on a snare drum in an orchestral setting. The ability to select strings, pluck and damp notes, and control bass strings is essential to making the character of the tango apparent.

This carries through the entire piece, but especially where there are chords. The fragment below utilizes the original tango chords and rhythms of La Dyens tango en skai small parade—to help get a feel for and to train the RH control mechanism.

Classical Guitar

Notice how the opening rhythm is a variation of the habanera rhythmic cell. Micro Study 1a is purposefully simple to help achieve the tango feel and to practice control. It uses half of bar 1, explicitly stating the staccato and tenuto notes. Aim to have the melody sustain over any chords, or dampened notes—use full planting to achieve this; a half-barre is needed to play the F over the A minor chord.

Staccato accompaniment and a singing melody are what you are aiming for, so use a little more pressure on the a finger to achieve this. Advertisement Micro Study 1b is a stripped back form of the rest dyens tango en skai bar dyens tango en skai, and has a 3: The bass should remain firm and in-time as t3he triplet pulls against it.

Method: Roland Dyens’ Immortal ‘Tango en Skaï’; a Study in Fluidity and Rhythm – Classical Guitar

Practice with a rest stroke in the thumb, then planting back on the A string; this will help strengthen the RH bass control mechanism and clarify the voices. Sitting in a traffic jam or on a bus, put the melody in the right hand and the bass in the left and tap the rhythms out on your knee until they are internalized.

Practice each bar until secure, then put them dyens tango en skai.

How you dyens tango en skai this arpeggio is important to achieving fluidity, so take note of the RH finger suggestions. Due to the symmetrical nature of the dim chord, it is possible to fret this in a variety of ways.

Tango en Skai - Classical Guitar

Of special note, be aware dyens tango en skai two bars require a lot of RH mechanism movement to be accurate, so slide the RH down over the strings in bar 1 where the music moves from string 6 to string 1; after that the RH will hover for dyens tango en skai 2.

Sometimes we worry about the videos themselves being copyrighted if someone has uploaded them to Youtube from a DVD of one of the "big guys", like John Williams or Julian Bream.

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Youtube has their own responsibility to deal with the copyrighted stuff on their site, and there's TONS of it. They will delete things if the copyright holder complains. We have to be much more careful on Delcamp than they do.


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