All stories on (Chronological): Short and depressing story of Urist McUseless, the All Too Valiant clerk. Watch out for Strange Moods. First Time Playing, a Tidy Little Fort! The Hammer of Damocles. The Crimson Pyramid. The Story of Idenzatthud. The Tale of Shit-Sack. Anurushul Lathon. The Wonder-Realms. Dwarf Fortress stories. The best stories and legend about Dwarf Fortress. Awesome pictures and lots pounds of admamantine. Perhaps the largest Dwarf Fortress story so far, Gemclod has about official updates, about the same number of fan journals, several dozens  War Gods: A Dwarf Fortress story.


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Reports varied, but the general consensus was that we were facing a horde of over threescore goblins. A force like this had never been seen before in Shit-Sack.

Our original plan was to remain out of sight, let the traps do their work, and then let the Elven caravan guards get slaughtered, hopefully taking a few dwarf fortress stories the goblins out in the process, before charging out to meet the enemy on the field of battle.

But then we received word that a dwarf fortress stories of civilians were trapped on the outside, having apparently ignored the civilian alert. They were running to and fro, panic stricken, along the southern border of our lands.

The enemy were far too many, and far too organized in their multi-faceted assault.

10 Astounding Tales Which Exemplify Dwarf Fortress' Insanity

Their fearsome dwarf fortress stories webbed many of our warriors right at the first clash of steel upon steel, decimating our forces. The trapped civilians were slaughtered, along with all five squads of our military, to a man.

A sizeable force of goblins broke through our deadly weapon traps, smashed the Elven caravan, and rushed through our last-ditch line of defense of cage traps littering our entrance, to meet the untrained, fearful, hastily armed militia in a slobbering, howling, bloodthirsty frenzy.

Dwarf fortress stories battle was short, but intense.

Dwarf Fortress Stories | The Best Stories from the Dwarf Fortress Community

Only a meager handful of dwarfs survived, and most of dwarf fortress stories were gravely wounded. Our once-mighty fortress of over a hundred dwarfs has dwindled down to less than a score, dwarf fortress stories counting the vermi- I mean children.

Tempers are flaring as dwarfs release their anguish over lost loved ones and the horrors of battle in the form of violent tantrums.

The wounded and injured are dying, one-by-one.

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dwarf fortress stories More dwarves get wounded every day as fights break out, and as dwarf fortress stories stand in Shit-Sack right now, a wounded dwarf might as well be a dead dwarf.

I had hopes of single-handedly repopulating the fort… a completely unskilled peasant named Melbil Mat. Melbil was a hauler before the dwarf fortress stories came, and was so deep underground that everything was over by the time he finally finished dragging a lump of Schist up the hundred or so flights of stairs to the stone stockpile.

We used to tease him back in the day, and tell him that if he worked hard enough and hauled well enough, he might someday become a noble, and claim the titled of Master Hauler.

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I try hard to avoid him, but he caught me in the dining room having dwarf fortress stories breakfast rum this morning. No innocent person would ever feel anxious going outside, for fear of an angel attack.


Dwarf fortress stories, for Ucedujan, dwarf fortress stories sort of cautionary behavior would be rather sensible nowadays. You can't expect anyone with an unmatched bloodlust to remain endlessly idling.

The Rampage of Acathi 02 August Molten rock had crystallized and sealed the door, and now frozen tears of stone adorned the iron-reinforced wood. The heat drove me away from the doorway, and Oslanzanos appeared at my shoulder, coughing from the heat and soot.

His knuckles were white around the handle of his axe. What of Captain Uzolabir? In the heart of the fortress. As Oslanzanos moved back dwarf fortress stories the billowing smoke, yelling for his comrades, I heaved my great Warhammer at the door.

Dwarf fortress stories entire military was trapped in these rooms! As can be expected from such playing conditions, the fortress quickly became a labyrinthine mess of half-finished projects and forgotten passages, with magma leaking into the fort from every direction and hosting at least three tantrum spirals.