Among the league of young writers today, Durjoy Datta is a name that youngsters connect with the most. I have had a very colourful life and I continue to have it now too and share my personal experience in my books. You have written for Sadda Haq and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Maanvi Ahuja, Paris, France. likes Maanvi Ahuja is the bestselling author of "Ofcourse I love You! Till I find Maanvi Ahuja shared Durjoy Datta's photo.


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And it is not at all a second hand experience that I am sharing. I have had a very colourful life and I continue to have it now too and share my personal experience in my books.

I am a boy who is up for changes always in his life. That is how I am. I am a guy who is always falling in and out of durjoy datta maanvi ahuja with the wrong people.

Durjoy Datta

I am 26 and I don't think having such a colourful past, any girl would like to marry me also, though I crave durjoy datta maanvi ahuja a settled life.

So who is at fault when it comes to breakup? I am always at fault in my relationships. I am very restless and come to temptations a little to easily.

I am very unlike a Durjoy datta maanvi ahuja boy here since I have been brought up in Delhi. What else can you expect from a typical Delhi boy? How did television happen? The makers of Sadda Haq called me and told me that they were launching a new youth based show which was about students pursuing mechanical engineering.

They knew my background that I too was an engineer and have written youth based novels.

Maanvi Ahuja ( of Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better)

I was taken on board as a story and a screenplay writer. I was quite excited to write screenplays as it was something I always loved doing. I have written the last month before the leap and I have took them to the leap.

What durjoy datta maanvi ahuja the need for writing for TV, when your books were doing so well, considering it is a stressful job? I didn't do TV to add to my CV.

Durjoy Datta - Wikipedia

Initially, I was not at all interested in writing for television as writing as churning out screenplays for a daily for a week is like writing two books in a month. It is really stressful.

Also, having 10 people sitting on your head telling you this is not right, change it Writing for TV has actually taken a toll on my durjoy datta maanvi ahuja.

My speed has become quite slow after writing for television shows as I had started questioning myself at so many levels.

That people questioning my screenplay is now so much on my mind, that I actually question myself on the characters in my book.

I think this change durjoy datta maanvi ahuja me is for the good as now the end result will be quite good.

  • I have had a very colourful life: Durjoy Datta - Times of India
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One will see the difference in my writing in my next book. I have been asked to write a couple of screenplays of my own books by Subhash Ghai for his next movie. The English Teacher, a short story written by him was released in August which outlines the dangerous obsession of a young, brilliant student durjoy datta maanvi ahuja his English teacher.


It was Durjoy's first book written from a female character's perspective.