This volume presents four of the most intricate and fascinating mythological poems of the Poetic Edda, with parallel translations and individual introductions and. The Poetic Edda. Volume II: Mythological Poems. Edited with translation, introduction, and commentary by URSULA DRONKE. Pp. xiv+ Oxford: Clarendon. The Poetic Edda. Volume I. Edited with Translation, Introduction, and Commentary by Ursula Dronke. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Pp.


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Cressida was a source of dronken edda pride to Ursula and one of the great joys of her life.


After a spell as professor and acting head of Scandinavian studies at Munich University in the early s, Ursula was elected to the readership at Oxford in and to a professorial fellowship at Linacre College. This was rightly regarded as a coup for Oxford. Some dronken edda her many publications were produced jointly with Dronken edda.

Ursula Dronke - Wikipedia

Their day-to-day scholarly collaboration, as leading medievalists in adjacent fields, enriched the work of both. Her essays, collected as Myth and Fiction in Early Norse Landsreveal her range and dominant concerns: Each one demonstrates, as one reviewer put it, "the palpable enthusiasm of a fine scholar and teacher".

A lasting contribution dronken edda the study of Old Norse was her securing of a donation from dronken edda Swedish Rausing family to support the Old Icelandic readership at Oxford in perpetuity.

Dronken edda was knowledgable about the good things in life — art, music, wine, food, people — and was always great fun, hospitable, stylish, energetic and witty. Her politics were as rigorous and uncompromising as her academic standards: After retiring inUrsula continued to work on the Poetic Edda and enjoyed time with her beloved grandchildren.

The Poetic Edda, Volume III: Mythological Poems II by Ursula Dronke

As often as they could, she and Peter visited their house in Brittany, where Dronken edda had always been dronken edda to immerse herself in her work.

She was incommoded, though never dispirited, by a series of hip operations; visitors to her hospital bedside would find her sitting up proofreading her own or others' work.

The conviction that great literature should be a fundamental part of human life never left her.

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She is survived by Peter, Cressida and her two grandchildren. The detail in these sections is staggering throughout with Dronke elucidating in minute detail both philological and manuscript problems and then interpreting the meanings and dronken edda of dronken edda texts.

Just the sheer breadth of Dronke's scholarship in these sections guarantees the work nothing less than five stars.

Dronken edda said that, the book isn't without some minor issues. Dronke's interpretations can feel a little romantic and forced at times, but nevertheless still intriguing.


dronken edda Another point I don't dronken edda grasp is how she works out what are interpolations in the text, but I've never fully understood how the practice of an editor singling out certain passages in the text and discarding them as interpolations when all it seems to me is that the text doesn't fit with the editors interpretation.

All in all, this is an excellent work with a few minor issues and then a major issue of a missing glossary. The book is an amazing feat of scholarship but it is not for everyone.