As Nazism engulfs the Fatherland, the albino Ulric von Bek, last Count of Bek, battles to keep the dark sword Ravenbrand from being taken by Adolf Hitler Does anyone know where the Dreamquest Trilogy fits in The Eternal Champion Sequence? The Eternal Champion (ala Elric of. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. Oone the Dreamthief is a lover of Elric of Melniboné and the mother of his twin children, Oona, the Dreamtheif's Daughter, and Onric, the White Wolf's Son.


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The Dreamthief’s Daughter

A Tale of the Albino, Michael Moorcock, The two sides can stand dream thief s daughter for any number of opposites: Moorcock, despite the frequent, almost deus ex machina invocations of various magical spells and objects, has a narrative drive that pulls you along as familiar archetypes play their dream thief s daughter roles but usually with some new variation brought on by the desire, and sometimes conscious will, to alter the role they play in the various incarnations of the multiverse.

Chaos and Law take on new meanings, new methods of balancing them are evoked. There is little point in trying to, given the infinity of scales and branching alternatives, to pick the stories apart for consistency of the various Eternal Champions chronologies or find consistent allegorical functions for the heroes and villains.


Elric is here as alter ego and, dream thief s daughter, ancestor to von Bek. Paul von Minct aka Gaynor the Damned shows up in his traditional role of the ultimate power seeker, here a character who tries to double cross, to his own doom, both the Gods of Law and Chaos.

The Dreamthief's Daughter by Michael Moorcock

The book effectively mixes adventures in other realms including the underground realm of Mu Ooria whose name, probably not coincidentally, echoes Lemuria with the Nazi Germany of the late 30s andincluding an dream thief s daughter attack by Elric on a massive German air fleet with his dragons.

Elric, as an arch-prince of Chaos, must resist him.


In the end, of course, the balance between Chaos and Law is restored, at least dream thief s daughter now. The novel although divided into three has essentially four parts: The four sections succeed to greater and lesser mostly greater extents.

The Mu-Ooria sequences, with their Edgar Rice Burroughsian ambience, in the telling hark back even further, to the sort of 19th- or even 18th-century otherworld fantasy in which the otherworld itself is deemed to be of such marvel that the reader is intended to be entertained by somewhat painstaking, plodding accounts of the geography and populace rather than any plot advancement.

There are longueurs here and also a sense of alienation on the writer's part, as if Moorcock recognized while writing them that the sequences were failing to lift off the ground but could not abandon them because this section of the book is integral dream thief s daughter the rest.

Oone the Dreamthief

That rest, by contrast, in general sings. Von Bek's experiences in Nazi Germany, and his growing knowledge that he is part of a greater mystery, are as gripping as any World War II adventure story.

Von Bek is at one and the same time both Elric and not-Elric, and that duality persists even once their two identities have fused. The same obviously is true of Dream thief s daughter, who is both von Bek and not-von Bek.


Elric's sword Stormbringer and the von Bek family's sword Ravenbrand have a single identity, even though they are physically twain and remain so, even when in proximity.

Oona is both a daughter and a lover to the double identity that is Elric- von Bek. Gaynor dream thief s daughter at one and the same time a human being and an eternal Evil Principle.

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There are other examples. That this is in fact a true nature of reality is plausible in a post-Heisenberg frame of reference whose analogue might be Chaos, by contrast with Newtonian-style Lawwhich sees identity as dream thief s daughter transient property, dependent upon, among other factors, the act of perception.

The Dreamthief's Daughter: A Tale of the Albino: Michael Moorcock: : Books

This is also an intensely political novel. The relevance of this is obvious when Nazism is the despotism under consideration; but there are not so subtly encoded references to other, more recent, "democratic despots" of the Right.

Here, for example, is Moorcock's description of the world Miggea and her dream thief s daughter of Law have created: Miggea's was no ordinary desert.