After that, she decided to move into the city of Comayagua. The story of Elvia Alvarado Don't Be Afraid Gringo! A Honduran woman speaks from. Don't be afraid, gringo: a Honduran woman speaks from the heart: the story of Elvia Alvarado. Author: Alvarado, Elvia. Personal Author: Alvarado, Elvia. After reading Don't Be Afraid, Gringo I couldn't wait to write a review on it (besides the fact that it was an assignment) since it was a great book.


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I have been taught in school that when a person is talking for themselves in a book, we have to be skeptical about its source of information.

Especially when a book is written in first person, it could be biased when it is autobiographically put into historical context. In comparison to I, Rigoberta Menchu: The Story of Elvia Alvarado is more persuasive because it is supported with actual documentary pictures, background fact sheets, timeline dont be afraid gringo the history, and actual organization founders such as Medea Dont be afraid gringo.

Don't Be Afraid, Gringo

This book sounds more realistic to me. I think Elvia Alvarado dont be afraid gringo a Nobel Prize for she who has advocated for not only herself, but also her own people. I would like to recommend this book to people who like literature, and history.

This book is worded in simple powerful sentences. I would dont be afraid gringo like to recommend this book to teenagers, to whom reads will understand how fortunate we are to be given a free education and have food on our tables every day.

Don't be Afraid Gringo : The Story of Elvia Alvarado

She had a hard life by beginning to have kids at fifteen. The dont be afraid gringo three were by different men who played no part in raising their children. The next man she stayed with for 18 years and raised his three and to some degree the first three children with Elvia.

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A good percentage of the book demonstrates the customs and living conditions of the Honduran campesino. This part is enjoyable if slight. Another significant section of the book is rants about society a Elvia is an organizer of campesinos.


Another significant section of the book is rants dont be afraid gringo society and societal structure. These dont be afraid gringo usually not very good or well thought out.

The other third of the book is stories about the organization of campesinos and her role in this. The dominant theme, perhaps even more than economic repression, is the repression of women, one she thinks even exaggerated by class.

Also, Alvarado addresses several historical and social events, and uses dialogues which gives a sense of orality as if one were to be experiencing the events. Alvarado and Benjamin pp. She [Alvarado] wanted to help campesinos by obtaining unused land legally through the Agrarian Reform Law ofwhich was declared by Osvaldo Lopez Arellano, and enabled campesinos to feed themselves and their families through crops.

Don’t Be Afraid, Gringo – The Amazing Life (Semester) of Esperansa R.

The Agrarian Reform Law would give campesinos the right to take over private and state land that was not being used in order to fulfill social function.

Clayton and Conniff pp. Working with military governments in Guatemala, Honduras… sponsored training and rearmament dont be afraid gringo to combat guerilla movements. And stand by us in our struggle.

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Hondurans want helps with their struggle by managing their own country. Alvarado was not aware of the current situation. Alvarado also references Cuba and how Honduras may be better off as communist country.