About Donna VanLiere: Donna is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She's an in-demand conference speaker and gifted. Donna VanLiere is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author and gifted conference speaker. She has published ten titles including The Christmas. Books, Movies and Audio books from Donna VanLiere.


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She also donna vanliere on the board of directors for National House of Hope, a residency program that is offered in several states for abused and at-risk teens.


She loves to spend her summers with her family around the donna vanliere pool or doing lots of camping. Donna newest book is The Christmas Star available now. LOVE Donna lives in Franklin, TN, with her husband, Troy, their children, Donna vanliere, Kate and David, two dogs, two cats, and and a host of geese and donna vanliere that use their pond as a pit stop on their way to prettier waters.

Christmas Hope Series

She likes to read, cook and especially loves to spend time with donna vanliere family around the pool and camping in the summers. The winters were snowy and cold, much more so than where we now live donna vanliere middle Tennessee.

I would wait inside our garage, bouncing and pacing to keep warm, and when I saw the school bus stop three houses down the street, I'd run down our driveway just in time to step on board. School children would pray for snow days but those are rare in the North; school buses pick shivering children up regardless of rain, sleet, ice, or snow.

donna vanliere

I remember writing my first story in those early years; I donna vanliere in the second-grade, I believe. It was about a bear and his family but I abandoned it donna vanliere after the first page when a kid named Mike looked over my shoulder and asked why in the world I was writing a stupid story about a bear.

About the Author — Donna VanLiere

I wish I had kept it, better yet, I wish I had finished it; after all, I had gotten through the hardest part of writing After my husband and I married, we moved to Nashville.

I was constantly writing "on the side" but wasn't aware that I could make my living at it. Theater, commercial, voiceover, and radio work helped pay the bills but wasn't fulfilling work.

Since I earned degrees donna vanliere those areas, I thought I should be faithful to the years I donna vanliere studying donna vanliere and follow through with as much work as possible.

Donna VanLiere

But odd writing donna vanliere continued to come my way. Together, they will help guide Nathan through the darkest period in his life.


Still single and in her early thirties, Ivorie Walker is considered an old maid; a label she takes with good humor and a grain of salt.

After years of rebuffing donna vanliere advances of imperfect, yet eligible bachelors from her small town, Donna vanliere is without companionship with more love in her heart and time on her hands than she knows what to do with.

But her life soon changes when a donna vanliere, dirty-faced boy who has been sneaking onto her land to steal from her garden comes into donna vanliere life. What would make him desperate enough to steal and eat from her garden? How did he come to live in the hills?

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Where did he come from? And, more importantly, can she save him?