Thus, don Juan is a loose cannon, a womanizer, a childish, a vicious of cards “DON JUAN TENORIO” es una obra de teatro escrita por JOSÉ ZORRILLA Y. “Don Juan decides against morality because morality had previously rebelled .. Don Juan Tenorio is a cleansing and curative rite which we generally forget .. KLEIN, M. : Situaciones infantiles de angustia reflejadas en una obra de. Entre los seductores destaca Don Juan, símbolo del conquistador amoroso. Y en el siglo XIX, José Zorrilla creó con su Don Juan Tenorio la obra más.


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There is no treatment of the will to pleasure jouissance in the Sade mode in Tirso, let alone Zorrilla.

Don Juan: el gran seductor - Amores y seductores - Teatro - Literatura - Educat

He is a subject in act, don juan tenorio obra is, in a state of realization where he does not think; there is no place for Cartesian doubt. Nor does he doubt for a moment the existence of God, but simply responds with his famous cry: There has been a good deal of speculation about the ritualistic nature of the performance of Tenorio and its effect on the audience.

Let us listen to the well-founded and, at the same time, elegantly expressed comments of Gonzalo Torrente Ballester in For the Spanish male the annual presence of the Tenorio is a kind of catharsis to which we yield ourselves out of pleasure and necessity and with which we deliver ourselves, as in any act of catharsis, from that which any one of us has in common with don juan tenorio obra Seducer of Seville, which is not usually a light burden and which gives us more heartache and contrition than pleasures.

Don Juan Tenorio is a cleansing and curative rite which we generally forget when November has passed but which we wish to repeat the following autumn. Don Juan is a source don juan tenorio obra concern, often deep-seated, and those who share it do not usually ignore it.

Don Juan is something more than a dramatic character.

Don Juan Tenorio - Wikipedia

He is what many dramatic characters have managed to don juan tenorio obra As such, because of his deep meaning, we think of him even to the point of passion. Because, ever since he appeared in poetry, Don Juan has held a secret the nature of which we do not always agree about. What seems obvious to us is that to produce Don Juan, women are needed.

His work is full of admirable women figures.

Don Juan Tenorio – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Without them, Don Juan would disappear. This is why only a great expert in the female soul would have been capable of creating the soul of Don Juan. This is don juan tenorio obra situation with Don Juan, stranded on the threshold of womanhood and unable to focus his attraction on any of the infinite lovers who pass through his hands.

According to Lacan Neither can it be said of Don Juan that he is the symptom of women. Rather, what Lacan don juan tenorio obra is that he is their dream, their fantasy, their myth But firstly, let us see if that works in Freud.


Freud constructs his etiologic theory of the trauma on what his hysterical patients tell him. And what did they tell him?

Don Juan Tenorio

That they had been seduced. Fliess on 21st September Don juan tenorio obra We were speaking of woman as a symptom of man. But what about the hysterical woman as a symptom of Freud? This don juan tenorio obra was prepared by Freud as a necessary part of the paperwork to obtain the title of professor.

That is to say, that he established a very close relationship between the creative act and the catalogue of women, women created, then, by Don Juan.

When the old maid becomes attached to a dog or the confirmed bachelor collects cigarette cases, the first is substituting her need for conjugal community and the second his need for numerous conquests.

Every collector is a Don Juan Tenorio substitute, as is the climber of mountain peaks, the sportsman, or whatever.

They are erotic equivalents. Women are familiar with them too.