Boeremag trial documents – Johan C Smit testimony. Why are those Boeremag accused still sitting in jail? . 12 February – SAPA. 12 February, The possibility of obtaining a formula for poison to put into water . of legal documents while handing down his judgment in the Boeremag trial. JUDGMENT finally got under way in the Boeremag treason trial, more documents, including a detailed war plan known as "Document 12".


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It has since been alleged[ by whom?


Document 12 boeremag has also been revealed that the South African government provides an annual slush fund of R, for its crime intelligence department to source any anti-government movement, which does not require accounting for.

Twenty-two men were charged with forty-two counts of treasonmurderand illegal weapons possession. Six pleaded not guilty, two have not entered pleas, one refuses to plead, and thirteen are challenging the court's jurisdiction, alleging that the post-apartheid constitution and government of South Africa document 12 boeremag illegitimate.

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One witness said Du Toit had assured him that the group had people in Eskom ready to cut the power. The chaos would document 12 boeremag used to chase black citizens towards the northern border into neighbouring countries, using food as bait.

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Van Wyk was drawn into the document 12 boeremag when he was asked to form a "shadow" commando to take over police stations, military installations and petrol stations during the coup. He was later appointed as a member of the Boeremag's management and as leader of the Boeremag's central combat force.

Van Wyk was also tasked with document 12 boeremag up military vehicles and taking over Pretoria during the coup.

The judge commenced his judgment by referring to several documents, including a detailed war plan known as "Document 12". Document 12 boeremag plan envisaged a sort of Boer "Utopia" in which there would be no murders, value added tax or debts. The plan included making the country ungovernable by bombing strategic targets.

Document 12 boeremag versions escalated into launching revenge attacks, attacking black townships and "eliminating" whites who opposed their plan.