How to Dissect a Worm. If you're taking a biology class and your school does not offer alternatives like interactive computer models, you might. Internal and external anatomy of an earthworm. Phylum Annelida, Class Clitellata. This video was made by the teaching assistant (C. Ernst) for. Learn about earthworms with this virtual worm dissection guide!


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Locate the excretory organs called nephridia. These paired organs are found in each segment. Nephridia remove nitrogenous waste.

How to Dissect a Worm (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Earthworms are hermaphroditic, meaning they have both male and female sex organs. Eggs are produced in the ovaries, which can be found in segment Eggs pass through the female genital pores. Sperm dissection of earthworm produced in the testes, found in segments 9 to Sperm pass through the male genital pores.

Study the segments containing the gonads and try to identify each dissection of earthworm organ.

Earthworm Dissection Guide

During mating, sperm from one worm travel to the seminal receptacles of another worm. Once the 2 dissection of earthworm have separated, fertilization of the eggs occurs in the cocoon created by the clitellum.


First the cocoon is moved over the outside body wall where eggs are deposited, and then dissection of earthworm is moved over the seminal receptacles where sperm are deposited.

Fertilization occurs outside the body.

Dissection of Earthworm | Zoology

dissection of earthworm There may be more than segments in an adult worm. The clitellum is a swelling of the body found in sexually mature worms and is active in the formation of an egg capsule, or cocoon. Eggs are produced in the ovaries and pass out of the body through female genital pores.

Sperm are produced in the testes and pass out through tiny male genital pores. During mating, dissection of earthworm from one worm travel along the sperm grooves to the seminal receptacles of another worm.

Earthworm dissection -

Fertilization of the eggs takes place outside the body as the cocoon moves forward over the body, picking up the eggs of one worm and the sperm of its mate. The pumping organs of the circulatory system are five aortic dissection of earthworm.


Circulatory fluids travel from the arches through the ventral blood vessel to capillary beds in the body. The fluids then collect in the dorsal blood vessel and reenter the aortic arches.

The earthworm takes in a mixture dissection of earthworm soil and organic matter through its mouth, which is the beginning of the digestive tract. The mixture enters the pharynx, which is located in segments 1—6.

Dissection of Earthworm | Zoology

The esophagus, in segments 6—13, acts as a passageway between the pharynx and the crop. The crop stores food temporarily.

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The mixture that the earthworm ingests is ground up in the gizzard. In the intestine, which extends over two-thirds of the body length, digestion and absorption take place.