But now, in this groundbreaking collection of papers, the author exposes a fatal flaw in the logic and mathematics of Bell's theorem, thus undermining its main. Information about the Disproof of Bell's Theorem, Origins of Quantum Correlations, Topology of Space by Joy Christian. Bell's theorem (BT) was formulated in as a continuation of the Einstein, Podolski, Rosen (EPR) criticism on the completeness of.


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Can Bell’s Theorem Be Disproved?

Although disproof of bell theorem rebuttals of BT are logically correct they are achieved by attacking some necessary implicit hypothesis which denial are widely regarded as implausible, e. Other rejections are simply based on misinterpretations of various kinds.

Amongst other things, that gives a chance to see whether the author has filled in a journal reference, and also to download, for example, postscript instead of PDF.

He cites a few himself in his "reply to critics". Bell's theorem does show that Einstein's disproof of bell theorem attempts to find an underlying classical, causal unified field theory were doomed to fail, and that would have saved Einstein a lot of time and effort, but that's about it.

I am left to wonder though, had Einstein been younger and lived longer, would he have embraced quantum field theory?

Quantum mechanics - Disproof of Bell’s Theorem - Physics Stack Exchange

I think he would have On the next page I discuss how the parallelizing torsion within such a 7-sphere is responsible for ALL quantum correlations. The argument I have disproof of bell theorem above is experimentally testable. I have proposed a macroscopic experiment for this purpose.

Further discussion about this experiment can be found on this page.

[quant-ph/] Disproof of Bell's Theorem by Clifford Algebra Valued Local Variables

A theoretical computer disproof of bell theorem, Paul Snivelyhas crystalized the essence of my argument in a logical sequence that I find quite interesting. A brief discussion of what he means by this sequence can be found on this page of his blog.


So far so good. But we can go further.

Disproof of Bell's Theorem

The only way to choose the angles to maximize the correlation is shown here and they are exactly the settings disproof of bell theorem experimentally and indeed from quantum mechanics. Note we have used NO quantum mechanics here: So let us put this together: Plug in the angles to give disproof of bell theorem second term of cross products equal to 1.

So now we can understand my earlier statement. First Han Geurdes has shown from a fundamental mathematical approach that quantum correlations do not exist.

Second, Joy Christian has demonstrated that Bell missed a lot of elements of physical reality of a spin. My 2D spin discussed in this blog serves as completing quantum mechanics in the sense that EPR envisioned in So in this last part of blogI will show how my LHV theory is consistent with Geurdes and Christian, and shows that spin at the most fundamental level is an anyon.

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Now the unit tri-vectors of Christian define the two disproof of bell theorem values as we have seen. But this can point in any direction in that sphere There are an infinite number of planes and if you have read my blogs and then each change of coordinates corresponds to a different spin orientation and a different spin microframe x,y,z.

So let us look at one plane of the infinite number possible.

I am going to write this slightly differently. So now we see the 2D spin oriented in its microframe. Let us just rotate them again.


A lot is already known about them, but I will defer that to my next entry. We can summarize the difference between quantum mechanics and sub-quantum local hidden variables of anyon spins.

The quantum disproof of bell theorem of a spin is a point particle described by the three components of a spin vector that exists both in the presence and absence of a probe.