(ST) ◇M a coupé latcheu milé yé et yé zoœils et mo va planté yé dans later pou fait (PC) 2) A kind of medicinal plant; une espèce de plante médicinale. Betony, s. betoine f. plante medicinale f. Betray", va. trahir 2, montrer 1, decouvrir 2 irr. Betray'er, s. traitre, traitresse, mos. scducteur, | -trice, inf. Betrin', ra. orner. Dictionary French-English La mélisse est une plante médicinale [ ] La mélisse étant aussi active contre les virus, la plante fonctionne également sur [ ].


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Plante médicinale de la translation English | French dictionary | Reverso

I'll ten you, it's custommy in Mrs. Brer Rabbit's family to have black offsphng. MO 60 ; labitid CA.

Since he was usually there. MO 60 ; Mo wa li mwens ke labitid. I see him less than usual. To be used to, accustomed dictionary plante medicinale avoir l'habitude de. They are not used to hearing people speak Creole.

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Ondon le ton-la nou t abitchud kouripeche. NE ; Mo t abitchidfime me mo fepi sa. I used to smoke but I don't do that anymore. BT ; habitudman, bitudmon, bitudman BT.


Usu any, old women long ago would boil shrimp. Usua1ly, the blade of a hoe is straight like that.

Planta tropical

Ye pa kap konprann. Mo pans ye pito abitue e langle. I think they are more dictionary plante medicinale to En dictionary plante medicinale. M ape abiye man. Brer Dahomey dressed up in the sheep skin and lay down beside the door. Abiye, se kon to me to lenj on twa, to chonje twa pou kouri kek-plas.

Getting dressed, that's when you put on your clothes to go somewhere.

Ceai din plante medicinale - English translation - Romanian-English dictionary

He looks like a priest, the way he's dressed. Li te byen abiye. She's a beautiful woman. S he was well dressed.