AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Author Lucian Bane Desecrating Solomon #3 By Lucian Bane BLURB: In the conclusion of this dark and gritty thriller, Chaos. Desecrating Solomon: A Forbidden Romantic Thriller (The Desecration Series) (Volume 1) [Lucian Bane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book Name: Desecrating Solomon Author: Luciane Baene Publishing: Indie Author.


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He's a man with no mercy and filled to the brim with evil intentions. And what he wants to do with our Hero and Heroine does not include an invitation to dinner. Bane desecrating solomon lures the reader in and just when you feel like its time to turn back, he's already desecrating solomon his claws in you!

His descriptive ability blows my imagination clean out of the water.

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But damn that spine tingling feeling hurt so good!! Every seventh year, spirits from the town's abandoned insane asylum seek worthy souls to command. But this seventh year, a desecration unlike any desecrating solomon is scheduled to ravage the town. And Solomon Gorge is lured to the harrowing event by the screams of Silence.

Plot Silence is preparing herself for her third baptism - Ready desecrating solomon get a new name, a desecrating solomon aim. She is completely obliged to her master- Any time ready to give pleasure to her master.

Book Review of Desecrating Solomon

She is baptized and given the name chaos. Surprisingly, her master beats her brutally that day and informs her that Solomon Gorge will come to her rescue and she should attain her aim with his help.

Solomon wakes up from his sleep hearing the shrieks. Unable to find an answer, Solomon returns home. On the way back, he sees chaos hung upside down, desecrating solomon beaten, and half-dead.

He takes her home since it was risky to take her to any hospital. He treats her and in the process, he learns that she is a victim of ritualistic abuse. Finding that she is completely brain washed, Solomon decides to find out the truth. Sometimes I just had to stop and collect myself before continuing.

Yes, it was that powerful! Questions about those surrounding Solomon and Chaos creep into this story and I was left suspicious of everyone. All I can say is desecrating solomon on the 3rd book Mr.

Desecrating Solomon Trilogy - Livros na Amazon Brasil-

Desecrating solomon was so amazing! Jan 29, Alicia Huckleby rated it it was amazing Close your eyes and prepare to take a trip. A trip full of darkness, of nauseating, whirling confusion. Your brain will desecrating solomon tricked and your heart will be filleted.

You will pray for death but death will not find you.


In the 2nd installment of Desecrating Solomon, Lucian Desecrating solomon takes you further into a psychotic world than he ever has before. Your limits will be tested as you struggle desecrating solomon with Solomon and Chaos.

Lucian, here's why im giving you 5 psychoticaly deserved stars First two stars because Close your eyes and prepare to take a trip. Lucian, here's why desecrating solomon giving you 5 psychoticaly deserved stars First two stars because You totally went to hell with this book.

This tale is every bit desecrating solomon psychological torture as it is the physical torture for Solomon.