Commonly asked DBMS interview questions | Set 2. This article is extension of Commonly asked DBMS interview questions | Set 1. Q. There is a table where. + Dbms Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is a DBMS? Question2: What is Relationship set? Question3: What is Relationship type? DBMS Interview Questions for beginners and professionals with a list of top frequently asked DBMS interview questions and answers with java,.net, php.


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Sometimes joins that are complicated and complex are excessively complied. Cursors and tables that are temporary depicts a bad presentation.

List few ways to code transactions in an efficient manner? It is imperative that transactions are kept as short as possible.


It should be short in order to reduce contention for resources. Transactions must not be opened while browsing through data.

Make use of lower transaction levels. While transacting, least information of data must be accessed.

DBMS Interview Questions & Answers

Differentiate between Nested loop, Hash loop and Merge Join. Nested loop- A nested loop is a loop within a loop. It is an inner loop within an outer body that allows fewer entries.

Individual entries in nested dbms interview questions is processed individually in the inner loop.

Then inner tavle is assigned to the outer table and every row in inner column is accessible from every row of outer table. Nested loop is executed from hash join, dbms interview questions loop and then outer loop.

Technical Interview Questions

Hash join- it is divided into- Build- this hash table has in-memory which is present on dbms interview questions smaller table. Probe — it is the hash value present in each second row element. Sort merge element- it joins two independent sources of data. It is considered a better option as compared with nested loop when dbms interview questions volume is big.

ComplexTypes may also define element sequences.

DBMS Basics - Interview Questions and Answers

This creates a sequence that starts at one 1 and increases by one 2 for each new record. MySql maintain its metadata in a database named mysql.


For example, this database maintains two tables named user and db. What Is A Data Mart? Dbms interview questions data mart Is a collection of data smaller In scope and size than a data warehouse. It is dedicated to data from a particular business component of business functional area.


A data mart may function as a subset of a larger data warehouse. Users of dbms interview questions data mart are usually knowledgeable analysts in the business area using the data mart.

20 Best DBMS Interview Questions - Online Interview

A reporting system has three functions: Report authoring -- connecting to data sources, creating the report structure and formatting the report. Report management -- defining who dbms interview questions which reports, when they receive them and how the reports are delivered.

Report delivery -- based on report management dbms interview questions, either pushing the reports to the recipients or allowing them to be pulled by the recipients. OLAP provides the user with the capability to sum, count, average and do other simple arithmetic operations on groups of data.