Ultimate Play-Along Drum Trax Dave Weckl, Level 1, Vol 2: Jam with Seven Stylistic Dave Weckl Tracks, Book & 2 CDs [Dave Weckl] on *FREE*. Dave Weckl has spent a lifetime developing a sound and a style that has inspired . Full Dave Weckl Play Along Packages that are included in the Dave Weckl. Jam with Seven Stylistic Dave Weckl Tracks. By Dave Weckl. Drumset Book & CD. A truly exceptional package allowing the beginner to intermediate drummer to.


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Ultimate Play-Along Drum Trax: Dave Weckl, Level 1, Volume 1: Drumset Book & CD

All the stars aligned. Though it was a more athletic group sound, you were swinging your butt off on that stuff too. I was using coated heads, but they were tuned fairly low.

I never liked tuning my toms high, but these are higher. And the record is pretty open and natural sounding, not a whole lot of reverb. Did you guys work out parts in advance? I had the concepts worked out for the approach, and dave weckl play along Chris and I went over things, throwing some ideas around.

Play-along Tracks: "Ultimate Play-Along: Shuffle" featuring Dave Weckl - Vic Firth

I thought it worked out very well. Dave weckl play along is a phenomenal player, and we had a chemistry that I got to experience at the Drum Fantasy Camp, so he was the obvious choice.

He is so strong. I learned from Chick Corea a long time ago, when he would always surround himself with young players.

Ultimate Play-Along for Drums: Level 1 - Vol.1 (book/CD)

It keeps you young and inspired, pushing the envelope of your own abilities and your own voice and what you want to say. Not that that was the intention of our duet.


Hopefully no one is looking at it that dave weckl play along. How do you keep yourself challenged to progress beyond such an already high level? My biggest incentive is to stay physically fit and able to do what I want to do at the kit. How do you stay physically fit and avoid those drummer pitfalls and ailments?

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A lot of it has to do with how you approach playing the instrument. Dave weckl play along can cause injury. You know, beating the hell out of your left hand for forty-six years with traditional grip is going to take a toll on the thumb eventually.

Thousands and thousands of hours.

The Dave Weckl Online School | The Dave Weckl Online School

And most of us who have done that are experiencing trouble with our thumbs. First of all, nutrition is dave weckl play along. I cut out red meat and chicken about two years ago. I try to keep my weight down, because everything is harder with extra weight.


In terms of exercise, I work out the tendons dave weckl play along small muscles with light weight on cable machines—no free weights at all. Magnesium is especially good for us drummers to take. At the drums, the physical aspect is about the dave weckl play along of not reaching.

The neck is the central nervous system, basically, for the arms and the hands. And tendinitis is just from overuse and abuse. Just hitting way too hard and gripping way too tight and not letting the energy of the stick work for you.